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Yea man. I didn’t mean to suggest it happen that way. It was just meant to articulate that even with such changes to the legal framework, we still have way too many assault type weapons laying around (you might say way too many weapons full stop, but that discussion is for a different day). Thus the threat of mass shootings would persist.

As it is the process would be long if it happened. 38 states would need to pass an amendment to remove the right to bear arms and Wyoming and Rhode Island with their tiny populations count the same as Texas and California with their giant populations.


sure, but over time the frequency of that threat would reduce as more guns were taken out of circulation, as opposed to now where it increases year on year. that seems like a no-brainer to me.


A tale of 2 parties: Labour planning some intervention soon to tackle the oncoming Winter energy crisis. Meanwhile, Johnson is on holiday, apparently deciding to do very little in his last month as PM, whilst the Tories obsess over the leadership race.


an “enigmatic end for an enigmatic premiership”, according to one of the country’s best-known contemporary historians.

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It is worth noting that the historian’s four last works were all on Tory PMs Blair*, Cameron and May with one on liberal zombie known as Gordon Brown.

*I know what you are thinking and I am saying I made no mistake so don’t even start.

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Not sure what that has to do with the main point. The country is clearly heading towards a crisis point with the rise of the energy price cap in October. Johnson may be finished but since there is still a month until his successor has been decided, it should be his responsibility to do something rather than just lazily wait to let the issue not be his problem.

Just extremely frustrating.


Meat was pointing out why the historian was softening Johnson going AWOL, I pointed out the reason the historian did it was because he is obviously partial to the Tories. Either way it says a lot about Blow Jo’s leadership when him not leading or even being in the UK at all is absolutely no different than when he was actually there.


Honestly dunno how I’m gonna be able to afford to heat my house this winter. My energy bills were already sky high and now I’m paying close to Winter prices during the Summer.

Maybe I’ll join the Don’t Pay movement in October.


Texas solved the issue with school shooters!

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Brilliant! I guess they figured that if all the students are shot and killed before an active shooter even gets there, there’ll be no more mass shootings!


To quote Jim Jeffries, “I think these people are forgetting what school is like.”


An Australian who understands America better than some 90% of Americans will ever know, God bless him.

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Well, they did it. They finally fucking did it, they passed something through the senate.


Hulu are bringing back Mike Tyson Mysteries?

I also find it galling that he is talking about consent given the rape charge he has under his (heavyweight championship) belt.

Imagine what could happen if 51 votes was all it took for every kind of bill?




Whaa haa, boo hoo, too bad, fuck you.

Not technically news, but it’s still something that is worth looking back at,
It has been a year since the taliban took over Afghanistan.

What happened since, during this year :

A brief timeline of the precedent decades :

And something close for me :


Trump just pled the fifth in his deposition with the New York Attorney General.


I knew it, I knew the motherfucker would do it.