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It’d be best if Netanyahu decided to go hang himself, but I doubt we can look forward to that.

South Africa has experienced one of its largest political shifts in decades. For the first time since the fall of Apartheid the African National Congress (ANC) has lost its majority. Meaning for the first time since the 90s a coalition government will be required. Despite falling from 57.5% of the vote to 40.18% they still remain easily the largest political party in South Africa and will lead the next government. The most likely coalition partner will be uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) led by former South African President Jacob Zuma. Though a coalition with the centrist Democratic Alliance (DA) is also possible.


Since you say that, it is a bit more complex than that when you analize both videos there are.

  1. The attacker attacks several people
  2. A group of event marshals attack him while a few of them get hurt by the knife
  3. The attacker gets pushed on the floor by a civilian bystander, apparently an martial artist, and pins him down.
  4. A event marshal pushed the bystander off the attacker, probably not realizing what is happenening here. He repeatedly punches the martial artist lying on the floor now
  5. The officer was now grounding the punching event marshal
  6. In the meantime the attacker got up again and began stabbing the officer
  7. The officer who shot the attacker had to spend time to sidestep a few times because the camera guy of the second video was in the line of sight between the attacker and the officer
  8. When the officer had a clear sight he shot him down

So it was not quite “the officer was holding down someone he should have protected”. Instead he went for one of the violent people here and maybe assumed other officers go for the attacker who was on the floor as well, which sadly did not happen.
It was pure chaos and a dozen officers did just stand aside, completely overwhelmed by the situation.

I hope the police gets better training for these situations and the camera men get a hefty penalty. Either help or gtfo.


A+++ source material for all my British HMF-ers out there:

That is still untrue. :wink: Officer went for the event marshal who went for the bystander who went for the killer.

An Islamic extremist stabbed several men to death, giving the far-right pricks more ammo to spread their hate around Europe. FYI, Pax Europa has compared German Muslims to members of the Nazi Party. This isn’t Comedy Central.

In other news, Farage is back in the game, and he’s coming in with a splash.


Ah he has returned once again to make sure the Reform party finishes behind the Monster Raving Loony Party once again!


I hate that song, I have no idea who that guy is, but from the context alone, I’ve never been more pleased to be acquainted with you than these posts right here. I’m dying. :rofl:

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This is sad.


Not surprised, really. My wife is Mexican, and from what she’s told me, the misogyny and violence against women in the USA doesn’t hold a candle to how it can be in Mexico. Almost fully male-dominant and deep catholic beliefs; mix them together and putting women in positions of power was always going to be ugly. At least, for now. Once it sets in, it’ll die down, but that could be years.

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True, also, gangs. These pieces of shit target women in power.

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Don’t be excited that a the president of Mexico is a woman when she is both a puppet for a very corrupt political party and also a zionist.

Also, these elections saw the killing of many candidates during the campaings. Have been extremely bloody and no one is talking enough of that.


All true, but it’s still technically progress. Now that the threshold of a woman being president for the first time has been crossed, it’ll increase the likelihood of one more worthy being able to get it in the future.

Would have been the same here in the US had Hillary been elected, even with all her flaws, baggage and corruption, but noooo, her emails!

Being a puppet of what essentially is the same old rancid revival of what the PRI party that goberned 80 years with nefarious tactics isn’t what I’ll consider progress in any regard.

Also, the other candidate (for wich I also voted), Xóchitl is a woman.

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we’re going to see far more of those extremists in the near future I’m afraid. not the best scenario with the procedure the far-right pricks are taking against basically anyone from the middle east.

it’s only getting worse

and meanwhile


“This one might ring a bell, 47…”