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Is it ethics with the e pronounced the same as in ethanol or the same as in edict? How do you say this new word EE-thics??


They mean ethics like “Don’t accept a free holiday from a major Republican millionaire in return for shooting down campaign finance regulations” they don’t mean the sort of actual high minded ethics you spend fifteen hours debating Heisenberg on.

Though I contend that ethics should be placed above the law, ethics are what determine what our laws even are.

POV: You are watching Clarence Thomas read the new code of ethics aloud.


You are right, what I meant is that laws should be adjusted if they do not represent the ethics of the people.
But ethics are vague outside the law, which is why justices should expect the legislative to have them clearly transported by the law.
If they instead said “Praying at Sunday is required by general ethics” and by this rule in that regard despite no law requiring you to do that, I think that is not right.

But yeah, after skimming through the document I can see it is not that type of ethics. :sweat_smile:

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Things all around just keep getting worst and worst and worst. Reading many of the replies celebreating their murder is as crushing as you expect. I hate this country.


Old news but certainly kinda revenant for this forum.


“I’m in the unenviable position of being for the war, but against the troops”


In the United Kingdom the current term for the government elected in 2019 is nearing an end. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will have multiple different dates to pick from to hold a general election. With some Conservative MP’s mentioning May of 2024. Though if they wanted to push a general election back as far as possible they could go for January of 2025. From what I’ve been reading though it looks like the Prime Minister is looking at an election in 2024 with no date selected yet.

Currently polling suggests the Labour Party and its leader Keir Starmer are the clear favorite to win a general election and form the next government. Since Former Prime Minister Liz Truss had her chaotic time as PM the Conservative Party has been polling around 22-29% while Labour has held around the mid 40s. Besides polling recent by-elections also suggest Labour is on the upswing. In the two most recent by-elections Labour received a victory in the seats of Mid Bedfordshire & Tamworth. The Conservative Party had held the Mid Bedfordshire seat going all the way back to 1931. Tamworth they’ve held since 1996.

There are even election models created that attempt to make rough estimations of how many seats each party will receive based on current polling. This image below is from Flavible Politics & using the polling averages from the image above. Obviously it’s not perfect but it still gives an idea of what position all the parties are currently in heading into a possible election year.


Not that I want to perpetuate stereotypes and body-shaming towards men with an actual problem, but Elon, buddy, it’s time to just use viagra.


Fun aside, we need such a rocket for future space projects and this test flight did do much better than the first.

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Somehow, I don’t think we really need it from that particular dipshit, and I don’t think humanity’s future is why he’s doing a yet of this. But that’s my perspective.

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A comparable rocket in development is the SLS by Boeing. After the Saturn V got discontinued, we do need a new one for heavy loads, for example the Artemis program. While many aspects are comparable, the reusable approach of the Starship cuts the estimated cost per launch down to 1/10.

If you look at the main reason for why missions are dropped, its the huge costs.
You can google what the most expensive missions were, and ignoring projects like the GPS, you will find you are in the one-digit-billion range. Then it makes a huge difference if you want to pick the SLS (2billion per start) or the Starship, even if it ends up saving only 25% instead of 90%.

SpaceX is a commercial company. But Boeing is not hugely different, no matter it’s a NASA contract.

“He” isn’t doing anything. The large team of scientists and engineers employed by a company he chairs are working their asses off for the reasons Urben mentioned.


I know, but you know how it goes with these tech billionaires, they get the credit for it in the sense that the company itself is either their “idea” or owned by them.


As someone on Centrelink I would greatly appreciate this a lot. The heat has abolutely no impact on me since I have a car but I would appreciate more phone appointments.

Argentina is being politically cucked by a man who has been dead for nearly 60 years and politically irrelevant for nearly 90

The eternal cycle of Argentine politics looks a little like this: Peronism sucked let’s try something else → Well that sucked even worse lets give Peronism another burl → That sucked but here is another extremist ideology we can follow → Wow that sucked even more, lets give Peronistas another chance → Wow that fucking sucked and our economy is still fucked let’s try something else!

The cycle goes on like this until the ghost of don Peron rises out of his grave and combines the Ideology Stones into the Infinity Ballot so Hyperdimensional Peronism rules supreme for all time.

So… I have nothing to say really, this is all sort of all around bad news.

The race was actually good, every else around it was what sucked the big one.


Remembering that time Milei was asked about his position on selling children and his answer was “it depends”

This is definitely gonna go extremely well :upside_down_face:


No but it sounds like his positions on the organ trade though.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom, just think about how half a decade from now we hopefully will be able to use Argentina as a definitive proof Libertarianism doesn’t work and you get to hear the prospective econ majors go “It wasn’t real libertarianism because…!” as a cope.


COP28 season is close (30 November to 12 December).
We have our first tentative proposals in the press.

First, France, backed by the US, will certainly propose a ban on private finance to coal fired plants.

Coincidentally France, and the US are both pro-nuclear. Which will certainly benefit in the redirection of the investment…
The US as a large, but not essential, part of their plan, helped by the natural synergy with US resources in sciences, and education. France as a historically pillar of their energy and geopolitical strategy, as it has been for half a century now.

The proposal will mainly cause friction with India, and China.
(India was approached in August to facilitate the proposition, and on the subject for multiple years during bilateral summits. India and France have pretty close diplomatic ties, and tries to work on them even deeper. France especially on (nuclear) technology transfer and trade)

To continue on “science, technology, nuclear and them being central to the strategy of the US”.

In general, COP28 will certainly, like last year, deal on streamlining the funding of all that is needed to combat climate change. Especially from richer nation to poorer one.

Finally, since Women’s rights and advocacy was once my area of study and job :


Ah yes, starting a war with UK sounds like a great thing to do in your first days as a president.

EDIT: Seems like it is not unusual for Argentina to claim sovereignty for these, let’s see if this goes any further.


Ironically, Milei described Thatcher as one of his most admired leaders in a debate during the campaign.


What A Fuckin Dumbass Lmao