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Wasn’t he supposed to solve this while in the administration? Why the hold up??


Hey, it’s my aunt’s favourite Senator!

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Little Marco!

The Justice Department and 16 state attorneys general have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, alleging that their smartphone monopoly has driven up prices for consumers and prevented developers from successfully releasing products on other smartphone systems.

Among the allegations:

  • Apple prevents the successful deployment of what the DOJ calls “super apps” that would make it easier for consumers to switch between smartphone platforms.
  • Apple blocks the development of cloud-streaming apps that would allow for high-quality video-game play without having to pay for extra hardware.
  • Apple inhibits the development of cross-platform messaging apps so that customers must keep buying iPhones.
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Everything is coming up Milhouse!


God, I hate that woman. If Donald Trump is the premier example of everything wrong with entitled white men in the world, then she’s an example of everything wrong with entitled white women.

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We don’t always see eye to eye, but when we do… I drink Dos Equis.

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First toll (19.30 UTC, 22.30 local), expected to worsen:

  • 40 deaths
  • more than a hundred wounded

This is the worst terrorist attack on Russian soil in two decades.

As a reminder at the start of the month the US had warned of an “imminent” terrorist attack.
Already rumours of the attack being a false flag operation by the Russian security forces are going, and so are the mirror ones of it being a western/Ukrainian operation.

Outside of the first immediate question of the human toll, the second one is who will be declared responsible for the attack.

The Russian Federation has an history of attack by Islamist Terrorist Group, frequently affiliated to independence/separatist movements of some of its regions (Chechnya, Daghestan), some of the Islamic State groups (IS-K chief among them) are possible.
They are the most probable.

From this will arrive the question of political consequences for Russia.

  • Internally it is assured that it will be used to reinforce the power and control of the Presidency (ie Putin), as it is what happened every time such situations happened (1999 apartment bombings, 2002 Moscow Theater hostage crisis, 2004 Belsan School attack).
  • Externally, it remains to be seen. Direct consequences are too dependant on who the investigation will say is responsible. Indirectly, it could redirect itself on Ukraine, by solidifying the military apparatus, and its support by the rest of the Nation, but it could be minimal on that front.

21.30 UTC, 00.30 local
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.
They say that the terrorists have managed to “withdrew safely”.


They have their payback of what they are doing in and with Ukraine.
So no pity, condolences and all that.
They deserve what they have.

Not all Russians are pro-war, Putin loving, Ukraine-hatting morons :wink:


99,5% I would say.
Most of them just don’t know what’s going on and the truth.
All they hear and see is those damn fakes, propaganda and total stream of bullshit generated by those “media”.
Only a few of them have clear mind and adequate intake of life.
And it hasn’t started just now. It all has started even long before USSR was about to collapse.
They live in their small little world which is far from reality and it’s their reality.
They just don’t know and refuse to know the real reality

She would turn the U.S. over to Russia if she ever had the chance.

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She would turn the US into an absolute nightmare that would make Hell itself feel inadequate if given half a chance.

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If the GOP remove another speaker then the very slim not gonna happen scenario where a GOP majority house elects a Dem as speaker becomes possible again. It was a super long shot when they booted McCarthy, but if they boot the current guy then who else do they have? The GOP Reps from purple districts might have to put a functioning govt over their party to save their own skin come Nov.

Edit* what a crazy idea right? Functioning Govt > party loyalty. Wild :joy:

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And they brought it all on themselves, those greedy, bigoted, criminal fucks.

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While rare it is possible for a chamber of Congress to switch party control mid session. If I recall correctly the last time control in the House changed before a general election was after the 1930 midterms. 1 year into the Great Depression the midterms would give Republicans 218 seats & Democrats 216 with Farmer-Labor holding 1. Through deaths, resignations, and special elections Democrats would actually become the largest party with then Representative John Nance Garner becoming Speaker of the House in December of 1931. As for the Senate it’s a bit more recent. In 2000 the U.S. Senate would be 50-50 with Republican control due to George W. Bush winning the White House. In 2001 Trent Lott would go from Majority Leader to Minority Leader after U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords left the Republican Party & began caucusing with the Democrats flipping Senate control mid session.

So while I wouldn’t say it’s the most likely thing, it is possible if more Representatives resign (2 Republicans have resigned recently) & the results of upcoming special elections are positive for Democrats (unlikely since most the districts are either leaning or solidly Republican) it could happen.

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I hadn’t even thought of the majority changing but it is certainly possible since it’s so slim.

I was thinking more the GOP still has the numerical advantage but just can’t agree on a person and eventually a few of the more center right members realise a speaker is needed and agree to vote for a Dem. It wouldn’t be worth talking about if the GOP numerical advantage wasn’t so thin, but it is so close that only a couple of “present” votes or no lack of votes can change things. I remember the most recent 50/50 senate had a decent power sharing agreement. It would be nice to see something like that in the house.