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There is VERY little in the world that makes me happier than seeing scummy tech-bros get rekt:


Would scummy old-money bastards getting rekt be one of those few?


That too. White collar criminals getting the punishment they deserve really gets my motor running, mostly because it happens so rarely.


No wonder you’re a Hitman player!

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Spoiler alert: it’s Dylan Mulvaney.

Just kidding, it’s Devin Nunes. Like that’s any better.

Oh, and sequel dequel on RFK’s evil sidekick.


Bad news, Earthquake in Taiwan, hope the trapped people are safe and rescued.

@YellowZR1 @Rimland @Quartz_tan and mates from China, Taiwan and Japan. Please reply or acknowledge if safe.


I’m not feel earthquake in my place,thanks for your care


Hey thanks for asking. Living in where earthquakes happen a lot, we all get used to the minor ones that happen here and there. This one, however, feels like the strongest in the decade. All the people I know and I myself are alright. I hope those who suffer more will eventually be alright as well.

Before the earthquake hit, I got up early and was playing video games when it took place around 8 am. It shaked pretty hard, but not to the level of feeling the need to get out of my apartment asap. I don’t have a table to hide under either so I just sat still on the couch until it stopped. Then there’s a few small shakes after the main one, but overall there’s no serious damage in where I live.



Well golly gosh gee, I wonder if that was by design, a-hyuck!

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The US Army sponsoring music festivals is all sorts of lame


Don’t fret, Lauren, your slow and painful death will not be in vain. It will bring forward a Congress that is ever so slightly less hateful and corrupt and stupid.

At least you can die proud knowing that you look like a 60 year old Amy Santiago with glasses.


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I hate Bobo as much as the next person but I would like to say that the medical condition she has will not kill her. We can, however, relish in the delicious irony that an anti-MRNA vaccine advocate came down with a mysterious illness that gives her blood clots randomly.


Boebert is now the first “notable” person to be diagnosed with May–Thurner syndrome. She’s done more good coming down with this condition than her entire congressional career.

Now that she’s got this medical condition, any chance she’ll step down and return to Colorado to join Lucas Grey’s militia?


The Grey Militia actually point out they go out of their way to turn down far-right militia nuts who approach them.


Ha, true enough.

This is a mountain state, man. You have crazies out here like you wouldn’t believe. We had an SUV turn up at the gate just yesterday. There was this couple inside, they asked us if we were taking new members. We’ve got ops for that, of course. Pretended we were a pro-choice, gay-marriage, prepper community, and they turned around and drove away. [laughs] Best cover story ever.
-Militia Guard

Unfortunately for everyone but Boebert, according to her doctor:

“Patients with May-Thurner syndrome who undergo the procedure to restore blood flow are able to live and work just as they have in the past after a brief recovery”

So yeah, we’re stuck with her. I don’t want her to die, but hopefully her leg aches enough that Boebert quits her re-election campaign, takes her grandson, her three children who aren’t facing felony theft charges, and her boyfriend who she jerks off during Beetlejuice shows and fucks off back to Glenwood Springs.

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Damn. Oh well, we can drink from mugs that say Lauren Boebert tears. At least she’s likely to be out on her ass after the next election, unlike her bone variant, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Wish she’d have some condition that would paralyze her tongue so we don’t have to listen to her talk anymore.

Fuck the NAIA.


Few days old, but deserves the highlight.

Freund, who works for Microsoft out of San Francisco, discovered that the latest version of the open source software program XZ Utils had been deliberately sabotaged by one of its developers, a move that could have carved out a secret door to millions of servers across the internet.

Security experts say it’s only because Freund spotted the change before the latest version of XZ had been widely deployed that the world was spared a digital security crisis.

“We really dodged a bullet,” said Satnam Narang, a security researcher with Tenable who has been tracking the fallout from the find. “It is one of those moments where we have to wipe our brow and say, ‘We were really lucky with this one.’”

The near-miss has refocused attention on the safety of open source software – free, often volunteer-maintained programs whose transparency and flexibility mean they serve as the foundation for the internet economy.

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