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Arizona’s Supreme Court has ruled that the state can enforce an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions. (The law has an exception if the mother’s life is in danger, but not one for rape or incest.)

So…welcome to the Civil War era? :+1:


Apparently Kris Kristi had been talking all manner of crap about Native Americans.

She’s probably jealous that Native Americans know how to operate a farm without getting themselves killed.


To quote the article:

  • “Attractive”
  • “Telegenic”
  • “Not taller than Trump himself”
  • Committed to upholding the lie that the 2020 election was stolen
  • Around, but not a lot (“Trump wants someone he sees in person but doesn’t see too much”)
  • A winner, in that they’ve won a previous election
  • Not going to take over the MAGA movement from him (“He would prefer that the Republican Party duke it out for his endorsement in four years”)
  • Perhaps Black and/or a woman, though neither is a must

Let’s do another Veepstakes and test the waters. Who’s Trump going to pick?

  • Kristi Noem
  • Elsie Stefanik
  • Tim Scott
  • Greg Abbott
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • Kari Lake
  • Katie Britt
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Ivanka Trump
  • @Heisenberg
  • Other
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Not even funny dude. If Trump asked me for the time of day, never mind to be his VP, there aren’t enough languages in human history to cover all the ways I would want to tell him to fuck right off, crawl up his own ass and die.



Same here, Walt. By all accounts, begging an insurrectionist manchild to pick you as his sidekick would really fucking suck even if you were a soulless, hateful Republican stooge, let alone if you had actual principles and hated the bastard.


Khamenei just assured his downfall. Day 0.


22.30 UTC, 01.30/02.00 Local : Iran says that the drones are followed by ballistics missiles, Israel does not see any confirmation of that. Drones interception done in Syria and Jordan, numbers are told to be in the hundreds

23.00 UTC, 02.00/02.30 Local : missiles confirmed, red alerts all over Israel.

23.30 UTC, 02.30/03.00 Local : first missile impacts in Israel (Negev Desert), additional missiles from Iran sent (80+70, currently 150 total, in addition to the drones, and any other actions by proxies)

(I’m done for the night, the attack will certainly continue for the rest of it. This is basically one the worst case scenario.)

Or it will be used to continue the consolidation of power for the new generation of hardliner/conservative/radical leaders. Both the regime and the region are in transition. They are pro-active in it.
(Granted, they do this in a way that is terrible for popular support, especially for the internal side of their actions)


Nearly every drone and missle fired was taken down as Biden claims. This shows having 50 year old Russian technology and reverse engineering stolen property won’t do you much good in any scenario other than giving them to your oversea militia.

Israel has the iron dome, billions in defense aid and the military support of USA, UK and many others. Iran can’t do anything with drones. The fact US and UK were so heavily involved in that shoes how everyone will jump to Israel’s aid while they commit genocide against Palestinians and bomb embassies with absolutely no consequence.


Not to forget over a hundred cruise and ballistic missiles were involved. Still nothing though.


100 Cruise Missiles vs the Iron Dome, the US airforce, the RAF and billions of dollars? Yeah.


Yup, gotta keep their modern day Middle East colony strong and functional so they can get access to that oil and those sweet natural gas reserves just offshore of Gaza, which they’ve already prepared a receiving and processing center for under the guise of being there to provide “aid” to the Palestinians. Never mind all the people who live there indigenously, just like in the age of “exploration,” we’ll just say they’re all terrorists in order to justify it, which will be easy since they’re all brown people with scary religious beliefs, and then we can make all that sweet, sweet money off the resources we’ll take over once they’re gone! And we can argue that it’s not a genocide because it’s actually the sacred land of the Jewish people that they were kicked out of, even though their own religious leaders are arguing that that was never true! It’s all about the money, with a side of racism and some religious hatred sprinkled on top.

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No injuries.
The historical building was undergoing renovations, and is one of Copenhagen most well known building.
It also contains multiple art pieces that are currently rushed to be rescued.


How about they just pull the plug and completely nuke the platform.


Then again, this slow death is exposing Musk’s incompetence more and more, so it’s still serving a purpose.


Yes making the bots who already get enough money to get verified will certainly be deterred by a small premium. What a master stroke.


It saddens me to see this iconic building gone up in flames. The building was one of my personal favourite buildings in my capital, I loved looking at city’s skyline and seeing the spire. Sadly it troubled over. I hope that it can be reconstructed. A lot of Copenhagen has been lost to fires throughout history. Let’s not lose anymore to history.

Luckily no one was hurt.


The Senate has given the impeachment charges against Secretary Mayorkas all the consideration they deserve (more, probably) by immediately voting to dismiss the charges without a trial.


The Republicans are so bad at everything they do, they should just rename themselves to the FAIL Party - Facist Assholes In Leadership.