General Update 26 January 2021

Firstly, welcome to everyone who’s registered and stuck around in the past week - I hope you’re enjoying both Hitman 3 and the forum.

It seems like this is a good time for some updates.

IO Interactive and You

As you have no doubt noticed, we’ve created a little corner of forum for communication back and forth with IO Interactive: #player-support (#hitman-3:technical-issues remains currently as a place for members to discuss issues with each other and share found solutions, and is where you should create any spinoff discussion inspired by an issue you find in Player Support).

While I appreciate many of these issues are intensely frustrating and 2020 has put us all in a less than ideal place, please do remember that reporting issues and bugs is about helping get a fix in place and not an appropriate place to vent your frustration or ask for answers to complicated questions. It just helps avoid making things any rougher than they already are.

One thread worth watching (see below) is the Known Issues thread where Travis will provide updates as the become available.

Please do not message Travis or any other IO Interactive employees with requests for information on updates or the status of things. Let them provide them to us as they have the information confirmed and ready to go.

You can identify verified IO Interactive members on the forum by their membership in the IO Interactive Group, the presence of a little piece of flair.

IOI flair
Please respect them as our guests and remember they are not obligated to do anything on this forum, everything they do in terms of providing information, fun stories and cool insights is all at their own discretion.

There will be zero tolerance for harassing or impersonating IO Interactive staff. (Yes we’ve already banned one person for it, trust me it never ends well)

Heralds and Moderators

In order to help make this community the best it can be and encourage members to be their best selves while here, I’ve created a new group for people who staff have identified as being exemplary members and called them Heralds. It’s a small group and has a lot of overlap with moderators right now, but I hope to see it grow. You can identify Heralds by this piece of flair:

Herald Badge

Unlike their namesake in the game, Heralds do not have any particular responsibilities but I would like to urge people to consider them examples of what we like to see at the forum. Membership will be referral only, so if you’d like to be a Herald - just be awesome.

Moderators on the other hand, can be identified by this small shield between their names and their titles.

Urben is a moderator

Moderators do have a responsibility to maintain the forum and set clear expectations so if you find yourself wanting to tell one of these people you don’t care their ideas on how the forum should run or what is and isn’t acceptable: Please reconsider.

If you have an concerns or questions about the behavior of a moderator/herald/administrator, or a decision regarding moderation action such as a flag please send them to a (different) moderator or to the moderator group via Private Message.

Please be aware that to give people the opportunity for an amicable solution, we often deal with moderation matters in private messages and so there is often more to an action than you see in the public chat. That’s on purpose, it helps minimize the disruption.

Ultimately what we want to facilitate is a forum where all kinds of people can comfortably have all kinds of conversations about Hitman (and other stuff) in a fun and civilized manner.


Is there still such a thing as the “Regular”-status and a remake of that fabulous Lounge, where we discussed the way we would shape the future of our world with whiskey and cigars? Or has this been replaced by the Herald-status, who probably have their own underground facility somewhere under the glaciers of HMF?

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The regular title still exists, sadly currently there is no members who have earned the regular status. The Herald’s are technically regulars, however they where selected and have the status permanently.

The Lounge still exists, where we the forums staff is enjoying The Grand Paladin at the moment.