"Get access" blocking all but 1 levels when playing through steam family share

Hello, I am trying to play Hitman 2 through my friend’s shared steam library, but I dont have access to anything except Hawke’s bay and the Hitman 1 tutorial. I’ve read about a code or something, it seems as though it may not be possible to even play through a shared library. Any help is appreciated.

Does your friend have a full game?
Seems like they have a demo version where one or couple of opening missions available.
If they had a full game and shared with you through the library you would have had full game.
If they do have a full game then they did something wrong sharing it with you.
There are no codes needed while sharing. Just Steam, a shareable game in its library and an account of someone who you wish to share with.

Here is a guide following which should do the job

About Family Sharing

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