Get Access/Locked Missions

Here’s the situation. I have Hitman 3 on Xbox and i lost access to locations for Hitman 2-3. Its tellijg me to buy WOA. I made a mistake with my other post. I had Hitman 3 but i no longer have the disc. However, i had access to hitman 3 locations without the disc before it was on game pass. Xbox support told me i have the starter pack.

Is there anything i can do since were getting a new elusive target coming up? Buy hitman 3 on disc again?

I don’t think there’s anything else you can do other than buying a new disc, since you no longer own a copy of the full game. Or else you can hope that they will make the destination free for starter pack owners during the new ET’s activation then.

Right. But why did i lose access to locations for Hitman 2?

You no longer own the game, I suppose that makes you a free starter pack owner now. So what map becomes available to you will depend on their free stuff rotation. Location import won’t work anymore even if you own a copy of HITMAN 2. Check the website below for more info. You can send a ticket to their staff there too.

From January 26 - 2023 we’re shutting down the location importing.
The reason for this is that with HITMAN: World of Assassination the location importing will be obsolete as we collect everything HITMAN under one roof.