Get all weapons and sa raiting at th same time?

In Blood Money I am completing all missions at sa raiting at the same time I am triing to colect all weapons avaible ingame. Unfortunatelly have problems with 2 sniper rifles from New Orleans level and Missisipi wedding one. Is there some way, exept cheats, to get that weapons and keep sa raiting?

Well, depending on whether you consider it cheating or not, the easiest way would be to make use of the detonator glitch (i.e. if you carry a large weapon such as the sniper rifle and then equip the bomb detonator, thus having 47 holding the weapon in his left hand and the detonator in the right, the weapon in the left hand becomes “invisible” to NPCs, allowing you to carry it to the weapons crates or mission exit).

Other than that, I think it should be possible to smuggle the sniper rifle in the wedding mission out somehow, but tbh I absolutely do not remember where are the weapons crates on that level, and I personally didn´t bother with SA when collecting it, because you´re allowed to carry weapons out in the open in that mission.

As for the sniper rifle in New Orleans, that one is a problem. IIRC there is no weapons crate in or near any of the three bars, and I think placing the gun in the open so that the cops would take it to the security stash doesn´t really help. I personally collected that one using the detonator glitch (once I learned about it - before I would just run with the sniper to the exit, losing SA). Were you also asking about the SG552 in New Orleans or did you manage to collect that one? (cause that one you can easily smuggle out to a crate in the courtyard)


In “Till Death do us part…” mission, the ICA crate is very well hidden. At the beginning, you need to enter the wooden shack, pass through a window and the crate is by the shack.



Yeah, I vaguely recall it being close to the starting point, which doesn’t really make things easier. Is it the only one on the level?

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Yes, there is only one ICA crate in this level.

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I know where are all weapons crates on both levels. In the wedding mission you can carry weapons out in the open, but everione seeing you with that weapon counts as witness. SG552 in New Orleans was not a problem, there is weapons crate not far away.
I think can try that detonator glitch.

OK detonator glitch was very helpful.

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Whenever I use the detonator glitch I use a self-imposed rule where I must be disguised as a guard and look like I am taking the weapon to a secure location. Occasionally I even say “weird place for a gun” as I am walking past actual guards. Well except in the second Mississippi mission of course; its open carry yet plagued by the witness glitch.