Get Rid of 4-Star Silent Assassin

Silent Assassin should only be awarded for 5-Stars while 4-Star SAs are called something else. And this change should be applied retroactively in all World of Assassination games.


I disagree, I think 4-star silent assassin makes sense

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It seems like a 4 star SA is given when a kill condition isn’t met (like head-shotting a target instead of poisoning them), but all other factors for SA are.

But really… I think it should be kept. If you were on, say, a time limit and a target was too far away for a melee attack, but you had a baller and could headshot them and still make it to the exit…

Melee Kill wasn’t met… But they were still killed.
You weren’t spotted nor compromised,
You finished within the time limit,
No recordings,
No non-target kills…

Now… I think most people would feel a bit robbed if they didn’t get SA. 4 stars seems a bit unusual, but not getting SA would be worse. I guess. :roll_eyes:


For me Silent Assassin is a synonym for perfection. But perfection is also reaching all the optional objectives of the client, so I agree.


I disagree. Silent Assassin is a status for your play style and stars is a ranking for finished objectives and it’s connected with score. You can make a Silent Assassin but kill a NPC with diffrent than suggested weapon.

So you haven’t been spotted, no body found, no records - you’re like a ghost. But you killed target with Knife instead of Screwdriver, that mean you’re not a Silent Assassin? Sorry, but this is just silly :stuck_out_tongue:

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I (fairly) regularly achieve 4-star Silent Assassin ranks by refusing to wear what the creator wants me to wear. It’s a pet peeve of mine - do NOT tell me what to wear!

Who the F- cares what I’m wearing?

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I suggest you stop disrespecting people for their opinions.

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Ah of course. Modern world and people who feel offended by any opinion just because it’s different. And I suggest don’t take things personaly and so seriously. Especially this opinion didn’t have intention to disrespect anyone.

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Drag him my boomer king :crown:

The client cares! They want the target to be killed by a cook to suffer the same pain they did when they ate that expired pasta and spent the whole day in the loo.

Besides gameplay-wise disguises are often used as extra complications in contracts to make them more challenging, like using a specific disguise in a trespassing area for example. Although you don’t have to follow all complications unless you want 5 stars, I like to think of them as “the way the client wants the contract to go”. Yeah most of the time it makes no real sense but that kind of silliness is part of the Hitman humour :slight_smile:

To stay on topic, I never really liked 4-stars SA because of that - SA is like the hallmark of 47’s professionalism, and if he doesn’t follow all of the client’s wishes, he’s not fully professional. And it makes even less sense to use 4-stars SA in H3 with all the extra possible titles you can get.


Ok, I’ll just tell the client that I wore whatever outfit they think was most poetic. Since there were no witnesses, no recordings, and no one but the dead guy knows what I was actually wearing, everyone wins.

In truth, I don’t mind as much when there is a specific outfit required while killing a target (though I don’t like it), but the whole “suit only” think really irks me to no end. That’s also off topic though.

As for 4-stars Silent Assassin, it’s not about professionalism - it’s about all of the things that make 47 the perfect assassin. Failing to fulfill an optional objective doesn’t detract from that as long as he doesn’t compromise the mission in any other way. To use the same argument you did, it’s about what the client wants. If the client says “oh, while you’re there see if you can manage to use an ice axe to do the job - no big deal if you don’t”. Failing an Optional objective shouldn’t invalidate the final rank.

Thats the equivalent of taking a commission for fan art of a specific character in a specific outfit, then changing the details without consulting the person, then not giving the money back when they dont like it. I agree with you on the general point but I think that specific example is a lil weak lol

Agree. SA title should be only rewarded for 5 stars.

But there could be complicated missions where some objectives could not be reached but the job was still done properly (not the same outfit, different gun, etc).

In this context “Professional” could be a good ranking name for a 4 star rating for example :+1:

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Alternatively: I feel like if you complete a mission without doing the optional complications you should still get five stars but a reduced score like before and Professional rating