Get your sedatives straight, IOI

There are many way to knock out targets and even the least violent or accidental ones can ruin the Silent Assassin rating.

  • Target slips on a wet floor or a banana:

A literal accident, can happen to anyone.
Bodies found, ruined silent assassin.

  • Target drinks or breathes sedative poison:

Literally no contact, they passing out by themselves.
Bodies found, ruined silent assassin.

  • Injected target with sedative syringe:

Quick, no harm, no trace
Bodies found, ruined silent assassin.

  • Tranqualiser dart gun:

A dart sticking out of my forehead, well, I must have been tired.
No bodies found, Silent Assassin!


I’m not particular sure how to answer this other that you are wrong and you should probably pay attention to what you are doing.
All of these don’t negate silent assassin, unless you were spotted performing said action via enforcers or their body was found after dragging them elsewhere.


I’m pretty sure they are void SA if used on targets.


They don’t
Unless the freelancer patch broke that too

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If I remember correctly, this has always been the case. Using a tranquilizer was the only way to keep the rating.


I’m not sure about pills and syringes and I haven’t tested any of that in Freelancer. But in the regular missions, there is a clear distinction between targets and non-targets. If non-targets slip on a banana peel and get found, SA is preserved. However, if a target, who slipped, is found, then SA is gone.


Yeah, it’s a bug that IOI never bothered fixing, Sedative/Non Lethal Accidents do not keep the No Bodies Found complication on targets, and void SA, players have complained for years now, IOI never fixed it.


Indeed, ALL accident and sedative KOs on targets will void SA, with a couple weird exceptions. Tranqs and piano KOs are fine for some reason. And in some really rare scenarios goldbrick proximity (snail) sedative KO on targets seems to work, but no one knows how to pull that off purposely in many scenarios (AFAIK I’m one of only two who have tried).

This is true both in main game and in contracts (in contracts you can do this to main mission targets just fine if they’re not targets in the contract).


That whole post, with its perfectly valid points, and all I can think is: you shot them in the forehead?


Actually yes.
I made a video about my issue. You can see how “strange” this is.



thing is the banana for example you don’t get really pin pointed as the doer and still ruins SA. sedative poisons no one knows you did it and that ruins SA. don’t see why these should prevent SA when you have a tranq gun and no one seems to question how they get knocked out with a dart sticking out of them.

my thoughts exactly lol.

nah it’s been like that for a long time now.