Getting caught trespassing should not void your Silent Assassin rating if you immediately step back or follow an escort out

Getting caught trespassing does not seem like that big of an offense, especially since you can get escorted out or get rid of suspicion by immediately walking out of the trespassing zone. If you get caught trespassing, but walk out or get escorted out, you should be able to retain your silent assassin rating. I feel like the current trespassing penalty (voiding SA completely) is too restrictive for a pretty minor offense. This obviously would not apply to getting caught in a hostile area.

Does anyone else dislike how getting caught trespassing voids you SA rating completely? What do you think of this suggestion?


the idea of the ‘silent assassin’ rating is to denote that no one knew you’d been there. if the guard who escorted you out is questioned after the assassination, they’re going to say “well, there was this one guy…”

in summary: i think it’s fine as it is.


They could have different types of restricted areas. The first one you can be found trespassing and be kindly asked to leave and still have your SA rating, the second one pretty much the same but you lose the rating and third one is a blown cover.
Not sure how IO could implement it so it makes sense to the players, especially rookies :thinking:


In some cases if caught tresspassing but immidiately stepped back to allowed area won’t void SA.
I didn’t follow any regularity in these occasions, but it definitely works if you ran past guarded or frisk zone.
If you turn around the next second radar showed you’re tresspassing, you won’t lose SA


I remember it was actually set up like this for a little while back in Hitman 2, until IOI changed the rules back to what they are now. The biggest problem was that it was super easy to exfiltrate after killing your targets. In a Trespassing zone? No problem, just calmly walk out and if spotted, just politely follow the guard to the exit.

I think it’s fine as it is now - since a proper Silent Assassin would never get caught trespassing. But I wish IOI would add Trespassing zone markers to the map. There have been times I inadvertently step foot in some area where it makes no logical sense I’d be trespassing, then get spotted and immediately lose my SA rating.


I think it makes sense that you shouldn’t lose sa in maps like Miami or Paris as those are party levels where it is quite common for people to just accidentally walk into the wrong room but in maps like whittleton creek it does make sense in why you would loose sa as it is very strange when there is a random guy in a private house.


I personally feel like the easy exfiltration isn’t too big of a deal. You already did the hard part of silently infiltrating and killing the target in either an accident or hiding their bodies.


I like this idea. It may be a little complicated, but making certain trespassing areas with lighter restrictions would be a nice change. Maybe the lighter restriction zone could be called “Trespassing”, like in Miami/Paris, the normal restrictive areas could be called “Intrusion” like in Whittleton Creek, and hostile areas would remain the same.

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It was literally doing the kill in your suit, hiding the body, and visiting the next guard to be escorted to the exit. It was ridiculous that did not void SA.

It is okay as it is now. The statement in the OP would be nice too but it seems to be not easily doable. Frisk points are already quite broken.


I think it’s fine how it is, once you know the game, you know all the trespassing areas and frisk zones

Seems like it could be handled via instinct or minimap.
Could be messy, but nearby flooring could change colour or have some kind of effect to show that is ‘tresspass territory’
Or the minimap shows the ground as tresspassing, in a similar way that H2SA had restricted zones in red

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Yeah I’ve always seen “silent assassin” as more like “no evidence left behind.” Obviously they’ll find those guys in the boxes eventually, but the idea is no one has any idea who did it. If you were caught trespassing, they would have a suspect.

Though of course if we’re getting super anal then Tobia Rieper would have been a suspect long ago because he invited a maid in and then that maid got whacked over the head.