Godzilla vs. Kong

March 26, 2021 - My body is ready!

Straight out of the Hokkaido level and back onto screens!


I watched it. Thought it was pretty cool but the plot was kinda half-assed. KOTM was better.
Shin Godzilla is easily the best of all.
What about you @MrOchoa ?

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I have no legal way to watch it yet, its only on HBO Max, which is not available in Germany and cinemas are still closed :confused:

Same with the new Mortal Kombat movie that comes out next week :sob:


Same in France :sob:

KOTM’s plot feels like he was write by a 12 years old kid imo. So it’s not reassuring :laughing:

The last non Toho Goji Movie I’ve seen was Godzilla 2014, i finally lend me a copy of KOTM yesterday but i haven’t seen it yet :joy:

There is some good fight scenes in KOTM but the whole human part is super boring and doesn’t really make sense imo :upside_down_face:

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I meant the movie overall. The fight scenes were better cause of Ghidorah. Ghidorah´s roar was fucking epic.

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@MrOchoa I know you haven’t watched GvK but what about this?

If you haven’t then what do you think of this?

(Why are his eyes so close together in the thumbnail? Or maybe his head is too big? )

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That looks cool, better than the other Godzilla Anime on Netflix.

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I have seen the first two episodes of this, neither of which feature Godzilla.

BUT it did have JET JAGUAR!!!