Goodbye Guys :(

Im leaving the forum, I know, why would I? well I feel like I just don’t fit in with the community, if you want to say goodbye then say it now have a nice day/night :wave:

See ya, guy :wave:

I’m sorry you feel that way. Hope you find a fun place where you fit in


Sorry to hear that you feel that way. I mean personally, I think maybe you should consider just taking a hiatus, rather than just leaving the forum entirely? A break can do wonders.

But still though, I hope things are well for you whatever you may wind up doing.


As a standard reply to this kind of topic whenever it comes up - you know you can put the News Topic on mute, right? Laugh, it’s a ‘meme’ around here.

But if that’s not the reason for the abrupt departure, then never mind and good luck.

In solidarity with your avatar here is an empathetic emoji. :man_shrugging:


You could just take breaks when you feel you had enough of HMF wackiness and return whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t have to be permanent :slight_smile:


this is more echoing what others have already said here, but you could try taking a break to test the waters and see if that makes you feel any better. however, it seems you’ve made up your mind. safe internet travels, @hitman_guy .


i gone too. Modern Hitman -not Hitman anymore

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.