Got the Steelbook edition a few years ago but when I opened it the first time i got it there was no code for the bonus missions, there was only the Requiem Pack

So a few years ago I got the HITMAN 2016 Steelbook Edition for Xbox One, I got the Requiem Pack code but I didn’t get the code for Bonus Episodes. I got it brand new at Walmart but I don’t remember there being a Bonus Episodes code. Anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know a solution? Anything helps.


It’s how written on the back of the cover.

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I know, but when I put the disc in, there is no download prompt for the 3 bonus missions, I got Colorado by its seasonal content updates, so Colorado’s out of the question. Colorado was also supposed to be “accessed” by the disc but to no avail. Am I doing anything wrong?

From memory, the Xbox release of the Definitive Edition didn’t include Colorado, Hokkaido or the Bonus episodes.

afaik There is meant to be a redemption code inside that grants access to these. I’ve just checked my PS4 DE and there was indeed a code inside to redeem these - perhaps Xbox was different and the “missing” content was delivered via a game patch/update. Is the game updated to the current version?

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Yes, it is updated to the most recent version of the game, and Hokkaido was included, so it was just Colorado (which I had acquired from the game’s seasonal updates) and the Bonus Episodes that weren’t in the Steelbook/Definitive edition.