Green X and Ambrose bug question

The green x which indicates SA or red if not SA, it’s never shown. I have PS5, I live in NJ USA. I have Hitman 1 2 3 and everything goty, requiem, everything. Would love to have that X displayed.

Ambrose island issues

After slap and crest private meeting invite , when he drops his cig which catches fire ( I already punchered drum ) the challenge doesn’t pop up.

Tower as hippie. Hippie ki yay does pop challenge, I load a save and this time use wrench on gas tank and she lights cig and blows up, isn’t that a challenge or does it need to happen elsewhere because that boom doesn’t pop up a challenge completion

The SA indicator is off by default. You can turn it on in Options → Gameplay → HUD. Scroll down to “Silent Assassin HUD” near the bottom and set it to “On”.

I haven’t done the Crest invite yet, but Hippie Ki-Yay should unlock as long as you’re disguised as the Hippie when you kill Akka. Judging by the wording, I don’t think it even matters how or where you kill her, as long as you have the Hippie disguise on.

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Hippie does work and I got the challenge. I made a save prior to re load.

During the conversation akka lights a cig in front of a tank. After re loading the save point prior to her arrival I use wrench to release the gas. Then when she smokes boom. According to the challenges there is a challenge that is supposed to pop up. Unless it has to be done at a different tank.

So the Hippie Ki-Yay challenge is unlocked? Then what is the name of the challenge that you’re looking at? Because as far as I know, there isn’t a specific challenge for that kill, other than Hippie Ki-Yay.

I’m not in front of the game right now. I’m a trucker cross country on the road, but if you pull up the list of all the assinations I think there’s 17 total. I’ll try and look online

One of them akka has a cig, so to me it means kill either explosion, or fire or something else.

So far the only place where I see her light a cig is during the hippie conversation in the tower , right in front of a air tank

That’s the “Another For Good Measure” redacted challenge. That has nothing to do with the Hippie. I haven’t done it yet myself, but my understanding is that you need to set up a proxy kill on Crest and afterwards, Akka will smoke a cigarette next to a different gas canister, though I’m not certain where.

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Ok, I thought there might be a different spot. Up till this point the tower was the only spot I saw her light a cig in front of a tank.

If you need a walkthrough for he challenge you’re trying to do…

Take a picture of Lance Hsu (the dead guy in the ruins prison cell) and leave that pic on Akka’s desk. She’ll have a meeting with Crest about it.

While they’re doing that, go to that tower (same one from the Hippie challenge) and remove the two guards there and then loosen the valve on the gas tank.

Eventually Akka and Crest will go there and Akka will kick Crest over the edge and kill him. THEN she’ll light up a cig and die by explosion. Challenge unlocked.