H1 H2 Steam Carryover Progress

Hi, I have a few questions regarding carryover my progress. I have on steam Hitman 1 and 2 + all Goty upgrades and expansion. Since i finished the game and never played again i deleted it from my computer, first question to carryover my progress do I need install Hitman 1 and 2 back to my computer? or i can just buy Hitman 3 install to computer and the program itself determines that I have hitman 1+2 on steam account? Second question after install Hitman 3 i know need go to https://profile.hitman.com/ (carryover progress), ok, i never create account with IOI account since I bought hitman game, do i need create one or it’s specific one?

Progress from H1 cannot be carried over to either of the two other games. It’s on it’s own island.

You can carryover your progress from H2 though. What you’ll need to do first is create an IO account, then you’ll need to log into that IO account and link your account on the platform you used to play H2. Then you can use the carryover website to capture that H2 progress and move it to H3.


Hello, Volend. Here I will quote from the official guide to answer your questions.

Supposedly no. Steam should recognize your entitlements of both games.

If you want to import locations from HITMAN 2 on Steam to HITMAN 3 on Steam , you do not need to use this process. Instead, locations will be carried over ‘automatically’ based on your Steam entitlements.

Yes, as the guide here suggests, you will need to create an IOI account, then you may link your steam account to do the carryover.

Here is where you create an account:


Thank you YellowZR1 and thrison