H2Silent Assassin=most realistic?

Look, I get already that there’s already a lot of unrealistic stuff in Hitman. The fact that a white bald guy(or what someone would call “white passing” if you consider that he’s also Chinese, Afro-Colombian and Kazak) can go incognito as almost anyone even though he has a barcode on the back of his head. The fact that he’s a clone and super soldier and has reflexes, strength, and endurance beyond any normal human being. But I’m talking about gameplay wise, it’s a lot harder to sneak up upon people. You can’t use fancy karate moves to knock them out like some kind of Vulcan neck bench or something, to knock someone out or kill them.

Wasn’t nothing realistic about Hidden Valley. Covered head to toe in ninja gear and still getting stopped and shot on sight, no matter where you are.

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Well mandatory I.D. check is a thing that can realistically happen on occasions

On occasions, but not each and every time to only one person. Or to be killed by a sniper.

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I think getting shot just by running is also unrealistic in a different way. Punishing≠Realistic

And chloroform does not work like that.