H3 Deluxe pre-order disappeared from the library, download errors (PS4)

Hey, I preordered Hitman 3 Deluxe in the beginning of January for PS4.

The game pre-downloaded to my PS4, but now I could not launch it. It has a lock on it and prompts me to purchase the game again from PSN. I talked to the PSN support and they told me there is no issue on their side, I have a valid license for the game, Trinity pack and DLCs. I also have receipts, statement from my bank that I didn’t charge back, etc. However, I cannot find the game in my “Purchased” list on PS4, in the PS app, or on the website, and cannot download it or interact with it in any way. The only thing I could download, was a PS4 theme, which should be a proof that I had a pre-order.

When I checked my “Downloads” list on the website, it showed me a bunch of errors, as if the game tried to download under a different name. Screenshots of it are attached.

I wrote 3 emails to IOI, with 3-4 day interval between them, but haven’t got anything other that automated “Hey, we’ll respond some time”.
Is there any way to fix this?


Here’s another screenshot, because the forum only allows for a single attachment for new users.


Try going to settings on your ps4, account management & restore licenses.
Then look for Hitman 3 again either in your purchases or in the store

I did that, that was one of the first attempts, I also rebuild the database, tried the Safe Mode, switched primary PS4 - nothing worked. Main point of this thread is to see if anyone else had that issue, and what they have done to fix it (if they did).

oh wait, i gave you an Upgrade Key for the Deluxe Edition - do you own the Base Game?

I gave you a Deluxe Upgrade Key and a Key for the Pre-Order Bonus.


That’ll do it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: btw, you’re a good man Ochoa :green_heart:


I’m not the only guy with the Admired Badge for nothing, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


ah, thats the problem then! I had those Spare Keys because they came with my PS5 Physical Edition, so i think you’ll need to purchase only the Standard Edition.

Sorry for not being to clear on that, but hey you saved yourself at least some money :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


i think so! hope you’ll be able to enjoy it soon :blush:


Well, hopefully I can get the developers to respond some time soon, when I tried to refund and buy again, PSN support declined to do I refund on the basis that 14 days and a few hours passed since the release date (I was waiting for dev response).

I have everything on PS5 besides the Requiem pack.