H3 - Elusive Targets (ETs)

Locational Suits with gloves are unlocked via 20 mastery so I wonder what the rewards are going to be for ETs now.



It’s seems Elusive Targets will have unique rewards now since a bulk of the suits follow the H2 DLC method of unlocking with a MR 20 Unlock.

That’s the only thing I spoiled myself on since I wanted to see the mastery level unlocks before Launch.

With that in mind I think we will see returning suits such as BM, Absolution, Undying, and Winter Suit return. With the addition of stuff like the the Phantom Suit.

I’m praying they don’t make the coin earn-able since it essentially respects the players who’ve played since the very beginning.

Btw what are the mastery unlocks?



From what I got to see within HITMAN 3 without spoiling the Story for myself. HITMAN 3 does not go the MK.2 route with its items design while a majority of unlocks are glorified reskins (this isn’t a bad thing since aesthetically they look new compared to what we got in the past) we also have a lot of new items such as the hunting rifle for Dartmoor and the various ICA Weaponry you can own once you get into the later mastery unlocks.

I don’t have a comprehensive list, but I wasn’t disappointed with the unlocks since it was more of what HITMAN 2 DLC Locations did with there Mastery system which is in my opinion the best way.

I don’t know the Mastery Changes for HITMAN 2, but I think it’s safe to confirm for Legacy Levels you unlock the Suit at their respected final reward for Mastery.


I have a topic to answer your question here :slight_smile:
Full H3 Mastery Tracks Content (Spoiler)

I think they are ditching them, and going with special assignments instead. They should just go back and make all of the elusives special assignments so they can be replayed (if that’s even possible)

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Elusive Targets have been confirmed since the announcement trailer.

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In this article is written that Sniper Assassin will be part of Hitman 3? I though that they remove them both - Ghost and Coop.

Multiplayer Sniper Assassin is gone. Single player lives on.

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I personally hope it’s a few weeks before the first few ETs appear, as I need another week to 100% Hitman 2, and then I want to play through 3 without rushing it, before I make a start on ETs and escalations.

This is the first time I have been fully “paying attention” to a Hitman launch, so I don’t know how long it is after launch that ETs start to be released.


I liked Ghost mode very much, playing with friend as some kind of break from main mission was damn good. I could even pay a €20 just to get a Ghost mode as payd DLC, because it’s great expansion for this game. I hope they will maybe reconsider bringing back this mode - maybe without adding matchmaching, just to play with friend.

If comes to Elusive Target, I think they will get rid off all live content. There didn’t mention any word about that. So probably there won’t be any Live content at all…

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Elusive Target on Carpathian Mountains, please :flushed:

If there is a change, I think one way to keep the original challenge of “Only one attempt, don’t fuck this up” but make it a bit less annoying for players is that once the targets appear in an update (eg. Sean Bean in Mendoza in May), they’ll always be accessible from that point on until the mission is completed/failed. (Eg. You can still choose to take on Sean Bean in Mendoza in August, but still only get one chance at him). But then maybe they won’t be so much ‘elusive’ as ‘limited’ targets …

It’s partly a method to increase player engagement. If something can be done at any time, then what’s the incentive to engage immediately after release?

Bragging rights? Maybe a unique reward like the ICU coin for those who do it in a certain time frame and a slightly different reward later.

In one of the loading screens where there is a little blurb or tip about the game, I saw one that said (paraphrasing as I didn’t get a screenshot of it) Elusive Targets are time limited, you only get one chance to kill the target, and once they are gone, they’re gone forever.

Now that’s not new for anyone used to the games, but to see that tip inside of Hitman 3 might mean that not only are ETs continuing, but that they will be pretty similar to what we’ve seen in the past. I was hoping for permanent unlocks once they release the ETs (sometime soon?) but given that tip, maybe they aren’t changing that much about them.


Huh, interesting. I’ll watch out for that message and try to screengrab it.


If they kept ETs, shouldn’t they have started on release to cash in on that sweet FOMO?

Or maybe at least this week or the next one if they’re still worried about players not being able to log in.

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As far as I know, the first elusive target was released in May of 2016 while the game was released in March so that was a two-ish month gap. When Hitman 2 came out, there was only week between the release and the first ET. With Hitman 3, they did announce some time ago that they were making some changes to the formula but haven’t said what those were. It’s possible that they intentionally padded in some time between releasing the game and the first ET intentionally to allow for any hiccups with the progress transfer and other issues (which certainly happened). I expect we’ll hear something in February.

Personally I’m in no rush, but it must be hard for them to decide when the best time is to drive community engagement.