H3 on PS4 Landslide multiple crashes on 03/20/2023

I’ve been playing H3 from the beginning for a month straight. I got to the Landslide mission and it’s crashed 7X today. Checked all updates and they are all up to date. I sent a request to IOI support, I figured I’d try here to. I copied a snippet of the game right before it crashed, but it’s happened at different location as well. It cut out at the time of crash, so it didn’t show the bluescreen to check for updates. https://youtu.be/tdaF5Lbo2NQ

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Unfortunately it’s a known issue on ps4 which ioi has not yet acknowledged. I stopped playing the level in H3. Luckily I had all the challenges done in H2, where Landslide is stable. Let’s hope sooner or later it will be fixed but I am skeptical.