H3 User reviews (Spoilers!)

With the trilogy now done, it’s time to share our experience with game, did it live up to your expectations? This thread will be place where we can share our overall thoughts on H3.

From 1-10 with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest, how would you rate H3?
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My review

H3 was the Hitman game I looked the least forward to overall, coming off from a strong start with H16 going into H2 which felt more like a glorified DLC and the same can be said about H3. Yet it was the game in the trilogy that surprised me the most and I didn’t actually count on liking it as much as I did.

Dubai - On Top of the World

Was the level I looked least forward to, thinking I would find it as forgettable as I found ‘The Showstopper’ from H16. However the level quickly surprised me for the better, with it’s gorgeous level design, it felt very much in the tone of the previous levels from WOA trilogy and for me it elevated the experience and was a very strong first impression.

Dartmoor - Death in the Family

Upped the stakes and was a total shift in tone from the over luxurious setting of Dubai with it’s gold and black marble. This level was set in a gloomy almost marsh area where a Mansion stood tall and broke the depressing scenery. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings, but instead of dead Elves, Men and Orcs there was a Mansion with a mystery to be solved. I of course choose to play the role of the Detective, solving the murder and later committing a murder. I have never used that much time in a Hitman game avoiding killing my target, to instead solve it. I took the role very serious, so serious that I didn’t finish asking all the suspects before Alexa died in front of my eyes, being killed by the murder I was looking for. If this had been L.A Noire, I would have failed the objective. Here I won, without even trying to. That said, I was lucky that I had a save that predated this scenario with around two minutes to spare. I loaded it up, rushed over to the murder and questioned her, getting the info I needed, raced to the Butler and cutting Alexa short from drinking poison. Well sadly in her case, it did not save her from death by my hands. Much like her older brother she had an awful accident.

Berlin - Apex Predator

Oh boy this was a ride and it totally blind sided me. It was never a level I truly looked forward to, thought it would be good. But nothing special, the slow start walking from the Gas Station, tracking Oliva and the mess she left behind made me warm more up to the level.

Then stumbling upon Agent Price it soon dawned on me that this was a target and a target who wanted to kill me as much as I wanted to kill him. Yet I couldn’t truly believe it, in the same vein as if someone called to inform me I won a million dollars (not that I can compare the two, I have yet to win a million). But to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I excitedly ran straight past him and soon felt the sweet feelings of bullets raining upon me. I quickly reloaded, in which I stabbed Price and took his earpiece. Soon after the hunt began and once again for the first time in this trilogy I felt like a Apex Predator.

If you haven’t figured out by now, these kind of levels have always been my favourite Hitman maps, all from ‘Temple City Ambush’ to Absolution’s ‘Hunter and Hunted’. This level felt the most natural and closest to the Hitman experience that I grew up with and truly wanted out of this trilogy. Unlike other levels 47 had agency and there was no information to go on, no hand holding, no objectives other then to track down the ICA Agents. It’s a level that let’s you figure out things for yourself and easily became the best level in the trilogy for me. I felt like this level was written especially for me and the gods knows that I been talking about missing armed targets since H16. I have yet to explore the hole map, I have yet to truly explore the lower level, other then taking a couples of screenshot.

Chongqing - End of an Era

This was the level that I looked the most forward to and the level that sold me on the game. Yet sadly I was also the level that to some degree disappointed me the most. I didn’t really enjoy Hush’s fortress and felt it was too restrictive and I felt a lot of the city setting was wasted. That said I believe that playing the level more and getting to know it, will improve my experience with it. I do love the level and it’s great, yet I over hyped myself for this level and therefor it feel short.

Mendoza - The Farewell

I loved the dynamic with having Diana inside the game, yet my first impression wasn’t that magical. I felt the game was a bit to open and empty. I choose to follow the mission story, where you take part in the vine tasting and Yates conspires to kill Diana. It was a very enjoyable mission story, however it did cost me my Silent Assassin rating. So I moved on from the level and continued to the final. Then I revisited the level today to get that SA rating, I choose to do SOSA run and exploring the level without relying on guided mission stories. It enhanced the experience and opened up the level so much more then my initial experience. Yet it was also the level with the most bugs, with teleportation guards. Knocked out guards being found, that I hadn’t touched.

It was a beautiful mission, not just because of the setting. But also the dance with Diana capped off the experience and the beauty of the overall setup.

Carpathian Mountains - Untouchable

This level is clearly an epilogue and doesn’t really live up the rest of the episodes, I found it rather dull and limiting. Yet the pay off with the Constant made it worth it, having two choices and one hidden. That said I also come to realise with some help that my approach to the level might have been wrong. Instead of trying to play it as a traditional level, which can still be done. I should have treated it like the ‘Mile High Club’ mission from Call of Duty MW. Used it as an excuse to rain bullets upon everyone in the train. Just like trying to play Blood Money’s ‘Requiem’ stealthily wouldn’t be as rewarding then letting lose, killing everyone. Everyone was a witness and I should have treated them as such.

The Narrative

I actually believe that H3 elevated the plot from the previous two games, I really enjoyed the story and development of 47 character. That said there was elements that I didn’t pay off for me, like Lucas Grey’s death, it felt two soon and didn’t have the impact I hoped for, yet I might feel different when replaying the hole trilogy as one experience. I loved the way the integrated more linear story sections into many of the missions, I felt it was a great balance between Absolution at times overly forced narrative and Blood Money’s here a level do something approach. It felt like IO finally found a middle ground worked for the series and still keeping it’s identity.

Diana’s “betrayal” was also very obvious, well of course it was. They directly told us she would through her cut scenes with the Constant, yet there was a point where I was unsure if she actually had left 47 to die. Doing what she couldn’t do in Blood Money, I didn’t see it as a ripoff of either Blood Money or Absolution, but rather a homage that paid off for me. Overall the story is at best second rate Bond spy conspiracy nonsense, yet I felt it was believable inside the world of Hitman. A world where we started out with an evil scientist and a Nazi’s wet dream.

My overall score is at the moment a 9. I might change with time, might go up and might go down. But this was the Hitman game I wanted from the start and I’m glad that the trilogy ended on this note.


Not much have changed, other then a new gadget that played into level design. However it felt more tight, more responsive and “fresh”. Small changes like being able to walk slow, on PC was a nice addition.

Sound design

It’s easy to hear that they expanded on their sound stage. Small changes that I hadn’t even thought off as important, but the fact that when dragging a body over a plastic sheet on a floor it made a different sound and it stopped when body came in contact with the floor beneath the plastic. The Ambience of gun shoots reacting to the environment was also an improvement over the previous titles.


It was there, to me it wasn’t memorable. Sorry Niels Bye Nielsen. it’s not bad, but it never managed to set itself apart, it never got going for me. It felt to generic and could have been used in thousand Hollywood action blockbusters.

                                            **Overall Impression: (8.5/10)**

The game makes a good amount of improvements. Better sounds for guns, body/headshots, reloading. Better animations (made smoother), PHENOMENAL levels, Chongquin, and Berlin are hands down the best in the new game.

The music is phenomenal, it’s not dark, it more Hitman and less Bond-esque. Love it and haven’t put the music on mute (sorry H2016).

The story as well, is quite good, slightly predictable though (Grey dying and Diana pulling a Blood Money style stunt to get you closer to the end target)

                                               **Gameplay Impression: (7/10)**

Slightly disappointed that the Sniper Assembly animations are STILL NOT DONE! No audio/ sound FX when you’re putting the rifle together either.

Cover shooting animations are still quite dumb, because 47 steps back 5 feet, exposes half his body and then shoots.

Gunplay is also meh and unchanged. Weapon accuracy is all over the place (going full auto). 47 is supposed to be a master of most guns ever made and he can’t control the spread of the gun? The weapons too don’t offer any alternate mode of fire, shame, because most assault rifles fire a 2 or 3 burst unless you’re super careful.

Some new weapon models are a welcome change indeed, but it’s just Mark 3 clutter all over again, plus more reskins for existing guns.

Mark 2 and Mark 3 remain absolutely indistinguishable, no benefit of the supposed improved’ equipment, more clutter/copy of existing stuff.

Overall nothing of a major overhaul, no human shields, no dual guns, no gun straps for larger rifles or ability to carry your briefcase while climbing a ladder.

I get it, it done to maintain stability across 3 games but REALLY? Hitman C47 - Hitman Contracts had quite a large number of changes.

In the end, gameplay is there and gets the job done, nothing awe inspiring or amazing.

                                               **Level Design/ Lighting: 9.5/10**

I can kiss all the level designers and the lighting team members. ‘Fucking Phenomenal’ when it comes to the new trilogy.

Though Darthmoor, for me, didn’t lived upto the hype. It was okay. Would’ve loved it if it was set in snow and during the night.

Endling level too, was something new, exciting. I’d say IO played well, a revisit to the asylum would’ve been awesome but that was something we were already expecting.


I’ve changed the title from “Review” to “User Reviews” so that others can post their own reviews.
I’ve been intending to write my own review soon, so I’ll be returning here within a week or so.

Edit: there already was a “user reviews”-thread? I must be blind. :slight_smile:

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Quick comments because I Haven’t finished the game yet…

  1. I love the movement update to 47. He turns smoother, climbs pipes and ladders way faster and not sure what else. But he feels good to Control.

  2. Graphics are top notch. Beautifully crafted, and while not much better than what we have in Hitman 1 & 2, that’s a big feat in itself. I love the god rays and clear mirrors, but I have noticed some very low quality effects such as the fake reflection of the penthouse in Dubai. The room the two targets meet in look horrible if you look at the windows. All pixelated and terrible reflection idk if it’s a bug or not. (I’m playing on PS4)

  3. Narrative is great. I wanted to see what happened next when in Hitman 1 I was too confused to care, and Hitman 2 wasn’t engaging enough story wise imo, Feels closer to 2016s story than Hitman 2 and I think that was because of the cutscenes. Although there are 3 different types of cutscenes throughout the trilogy (CGI,Slide Show,In-Game) the CGI mixed with In-Game worked well. The slide show scenes in Hitman 2 were very meh. But whatever I’m nitpicking.

  4. Carryover is great. Unfortunately Hitman 2 didn’t offer any carry over feature for progress transferring between the first installment but it was fun playing the levels again with new mechanics. Hitman 3 offered carrying over progress from 2 and honestly it’s great. I really didn’t want to do everything for a 3rd stinking time and have lost all my elusive target score. But Hitman 3 fixed that ! Thank goodness.


I can kiss all the level designers and the lighting team members. ‘Fucking Phenomenal’ when it comes to the new trilogy.

I am not certain that the level designers or the lighting team members will be necessarily reciprocating to your smooch.

So where does “Fucking Phenonmenal” fit in the scale of poor to excellent – is “Fucking Phenomenal” a step up or step down from “Phenomenal”

I have merged @YourGudBudNel thread with the already existing user review thread.

Never have I ever: seen a more pretentious and nitpicky comment than this one…

I have not!

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For a ´´new´´ game it still feelsl like a dlc/update, i feel that the long time players not getting rewarded for playing the games and doing the challenges. Things you unlock in H2 for community contracts are now locked behind escalation mission… Why put the effort in a new camera gadget and not in new weapon/gadgets? (camera use versus screwdriver anyone?) Further more i feel like the game is rushed, there are a lot of bugs more then H1 and H2 combined. Requiem suit gone because of the end of H3? I paid for those items and now they take it away i dont get it. I play hitman since the first game (codename 47) but this feels more like a service hitmangame then rather a full new game, witch i don’t mind if they are honest about it. Then we have a rocky start, couldn’t play the game 3 days long! So al things considered if you are new to the game its a 9 for a long time player its a 6.

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And why o why if you complete a level SA/SO prof. it also counts for master…

Well at least you didn’t tell the world that I am not a good lecturer of 300/400 level undergraduates which is part of my job.

Now, I am of a generation that grew up with video games. The video game industry is bigger than the movie industry.

Probably 30 yrs ago I would be the type doing the daily nytimes crossword, but instead I am doing a different kind of puzzle, involving blowing up NPCs with propane flasks and breaching charges.

Everyone in the world needs a diversion, during the apocalypse – whether this is a global pandemic or warming. I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I have time, I appreciate doing things that I enjoy, like everyone else.

Hitman is a pretty intelligent video game, as video games go, and I appreciate good narrative, and level design.

Yes I realize that a lot of posters on this forum are kids, and that is OK. Am I supposed to be ashamed?

I know that the developer (IOI) also reads the forum and they appreciate reading positive commentary on what they are doing. That is mostly why I do it.


I was about two thirds of the way through Untouchable when I thought “hang on, am I supposed to be John Wicking my way through this?”. I actually really enjoyed the level as a nice departure from the norm, an escape rather than an infiltration. Looking forward to a second playthrough there.

Must say I’m kinda disappointed - the first two games in the trilogy I consider to be the best in the franchise - we’ve been given huge liberty of choice for assassinating the target, usually with 6-8 mission stories (where each single one represents a multistage, distinct approach). In H3 this number has been reduced to 3, meaning there usually is 1-2 per target, which feels really restrictive.

This is peculiar to me, IO definitely has acknowledged the mistake they made with Absolution, and rehabilitated by creating H1 and H2 - and having this perfect (in my opinion) formula, when it came to the conclusion of the trilogy, they suddenly abandoned it? Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe being an independent studio, IO didn’t have enough budget to make H3 live up to standards of the two previous releases.

Dartmoor, the glorious Knives Out-inspired mission, along with the Berlin (which reminded me of the Blood Money Hell and Heaven level) are amongst the best in the trilogy, but towards the end the quality drops. Mendoza is a huge disappointment, with around 70% of its space being completely useless (it was also the only mission in the trilogy where I couldn’t gather enough intel to do without mission stories, which only further contributed to my irritation), even though it was featured a lot of references to Blood Money.

Carpathian Mountains are a joke, easily the most linear level in the franchise, even Absolution offered greater freedom of choice. A lot of wasted potential here, I expected the story to end where it began (it wasn’t for no reason the creators chose Romania for the final destination), instead we landed on a damn train, CJ. I’m not saying the game is bad, it’s just the end when things went haywire, and as we all know, the finale is what people remember.

Sadly, the Deluxe Pack seems to have the worst content to ratio value ever - we pay more than half the price of the game for 3 suits, 3 escalations and some commentary - really? There is still some room for improvement here, though.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t things that changed for the better or memorable moments (tango with Diana). I have no idea how the lighting can be so good considering there is no ray tracing. Music is finally appropriate and dramatic when it should be, contrary to the previous two entries in the series. I hope the game will only get better as I replay it.

I’m very happy that the game’s production costs have already been returned in sales, IO definitely deserved this, I wish H3 sells at least as many copies as Witcher 3.

Looking at the survey, and critics reviews, both being insanely high, I get a feeling that I missed something, possibly being to picky and critical. Maybe this is the magic of first impression.


I have only played in Dubai and a bit in Dartmoor too,but this is what I can tell you from my experience so far.

I like that decision because it doesn’t make the game more linear.It just makes the players find more kill methods by themselves instead of being guided most of the time.
Let’s look at Dubai for example(because I have mastery level 20 in this map).Apart from the guided opportunities there are more kill methods and they really feel like mission stories without guidance.
You can:

1. Make Ingram play golf(I don’t want to spoil how to do this,but it surprisingly really requires some setup,but the good thing is that it is considered and accident kill,so it can give you SA)
2. Serve Stuyvesant a drink at the bar(and it feels just as complex as a mission story like the Bare Knucle Boxer one in Paris imo)
3. Help Stuyvesant meet Cornelia
4. Use the sun opportunity in the art exhibition for Stuyvesant
5. Trigger an evacuation for both targets

So,there are actually 8 complex opportunities in Dubai.
Of course,there were some additional opportunities in the old games apart from the guided ones too,but not in all of the missions(for example I don’t remember any in Marrakesh) and there were around only 1-2 complex opportunities without guidance in specific missions(like code 17 in Paris or making Robert kill Sierra and the drink-off challenge in Miami),so there is not a big difference.
I have also noticed that the targets’ routes are way more complex so far in Hitman 3 which offers way more options.

What about the digital artbook and soundtracks?You can obtain them via IOI account in case you did not know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you a masochist to read the spoiler thread not having played even 1/3 of the game?

I went for a different approach, instead of analysing each level in depth and learning every nook and cranny, I decided to do it after I’ve finished the game. Possibly the same might be said about the China or Mendoza levels, but it wasn’t apparent for the first time. I got the impression that it was really difficult to put the pieces of intel together on these maps (particularly on the latter) and figure out the method. After all, what I’ve written are my thoughts only after several hours.

I’ll bear that in mind during my next playthrough.

Still not much. But I hope this will change in the future, especially if the game continues to sell well.

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I had already been spoiled from the trophy list before the game was even released,so I am not afraid of finding any big spoiler,taking into consideration almost no discussion here is a deep dive into the locations.:wink:


I think you’d be surprised to see how many of us are adults (I’m 28). A lot of people here grew up with Hitman.


Some of us grew up with computers before hard drives, color monitors, and the mouse.

Imagine Hitman where you move a block as an “asterisk” icon with WASX on a keyboard in top down view, avoiding NPCs represented by a “?”.

That was equivalent to 4K graphics.

There was no “mouse and keyboard”, because such as thing as a mouse that wasn’t furry wasn’t available yet.

You couldn’t complain of online access, because the internet didn’t exist.

Reloading a game was a bit slower than an SSD drive.

You had to wait twenty minutes for the cassette tape to load and fill your 8,000 bytes of RAM.


That actually sounds like an amazing game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’d play that

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yes, I forgot to mention sound → consisting of a few basic tones at different frequencies – added to provide atmosphere

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