H3 Wild Speculation & Bet - Collection

In the old forum people kept on making wild speculations about what was going to happen in H3. So I said “put your money where your mouth is” and made the Wild Speculation & Bet thread.

Basically you had to make a crazy guess about H3 and place you bets if you were wrong. Well, it’s a new forum now but I’m still here to collect :wink:
So I’ve gotten some of my favourites and I’m here to name and shame

Start off with myself. I still haven’t deleted H2 so :flushed: and yep, I am weeping about the state of photo mode in H3

@YellowZR1 there was technically an elevator exit. So we’ll let the forum decide your fate :wink:

@SilentWraith Whelp, that was wrong. Don’t worry we won’t be too harsh. You can keep the money, just give us the RuneScape account

@Bourbon it was hard to find one where you didn’t offer lewd fanart of someone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but we look forward to your Oscars speech

@Danger_dog_guy_7 time for 47 to mount his steed

@Urben good luck trying to explain to your bank why your purchase of 100 tickets to Peru wasn’t fraudulent. Also dw, I’ll DM you where to post mine

@Mini … This is just too sad. We all feel your loss :pensive:

And… Wait, how did this get in here?

Anyways, people seemed to have fun with the old thread, so if you have any crazy theoried about post-launch H3 things feel free to stick them in here, just don’t forget to place your wager too


Oh boy. This didn’t age all too well. I mean come on I was even piggy-backing off someone else’s speculation because of it. Looks like my winners club is no mo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some things are worth more than money, I’ll find my RS account, but I imagine I’ll be looking at this screen for a while :sweat_smile:


Aged like a bottle of milk in the Australian outback :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you still have a shot at winners club just gotta take out the competition :flushed:


I don’t understand, most speculations in the OP didn’t come true, so why are you holding them accountable for it? Shouldn’t we have e.g. a Machu Picchu meetup if the speculation became true?

That’s… Not how a bet works. You say something is going to happen, you offer a prize. If that thing doesn’t happen you lose what you offered

E.g. I place £5 on a horse winning a race. My speculation is “the horse will win”. My bet is “£5”. If the horse does not win I lose my £5

You’ve been secretly preparing for this moment, haven’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: These are already beautiful templates:


I think @MSMPlayz ´s design will make for a very fine tattoo! Now where do you want it? :grin:



The story was actually good so all by bets were wrong too, sad

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I like how the pink like buttons indicate you collected you favorites before forum switch. :wink:

Brb working to cover plane costs.

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Google knows what’s up :smirk:


Yeah but did you find the one where I predicted the tango? Or where I said I’d need medical attention if Diana and 47 ever went into the field together because I ended up pulling myself together but I do have the receipt for a nice Mendoza Malbec to send to them :stuck_out_tongue:

As promised:

Not the best quality but alas. I’m a man of my word.


I am also a man of my word. The game doesn’t have an aeroport level, so now I’m going onto my balcony to stuff snow into my undies. I thought about slithering into a posture of “we’re not 100% sure there won’t be DLC and so the aeroport level might still happen,” but that would be lame. A bet is a bet.


Jesus christ you’re fking crazy. I love it!

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2002 - 2012

You cut two years off their lifespan :cry:

This discussion was brought up in the fanart thread and I would not like to discuss that furthur :joy:

(You’re right though)


Fair enough :grin: 20