Hand glitch makes VR tutorial incompletable

In VR, certain objects, when held in the right hand, refuse to move and remain frozen in place. When attempting to complete the VR tutorial, I ran into this problem with the brick, the TAC-SMG Covert, and the Sieger 300 Ghost. This makes pacifying the guards with the brick and shooting the guards with the Sieger 300 Ghost extremely difficult. Shooting the vase with the TAC-SMG Covert was impossible. Something I noticed was that if I “primed” the brick, it then decided to follow my movements. Unpriming it made it freeze in place again.


Another bug I encountered in VR was that strangling guards, either with my hands or the fiber wire, causes the guards’ bodies to freak out and spasm, often launching up and getting stuck in the ceiling. This didn’t prevent me from completing the tutorial, but it was noticeable nonetheless.


I am playing on a Valve Index.

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Do you have this issue in any other games? While I occasionally have similar issues, it’s due to me turning too far and facing away from all of my base stations so they can’t track my controllers.

I wish I had a larger VR library to reference. I’ve played a lot of Minecraft in VR (Vivecraft) and never had this kind of issue. I honestly don’t think it’s a tracking issue though. The fact that it tracks my empty hand just fine, along with several other items, and the fact that I can prime the brick and have it follow my movements just fine shows that it can track, it’s just refusing to for certain items.

Does all VR look like it’s shot from the POV of Micheal J. Fox, or just this game? Asking for a friend.

Translating a VR view, which is 3D and shows two different images, to a 2D view can turn out a bit weird. :laughing: I set my OBS to record my “VR View,” and I have my VR View set to show my right eye’s view. That could have something to do with it. It has settings to show the left eye’s view or a mixture of the two. I could fiddle with those and see if that helps.

Or maybe I just have my head held at an angle when I play and haven’t even noticed. :laughing:

I can confirm that those problems are Hitman sepcific and while all (most…) other titles play just fine with my setup, Hitman is glitchy as hell. Fun, but a glitchy mess