Hans Lucht's Fun Day with Carl Ingram

I wondered if there was a way to get Pulitzer Prize-winning freelance journalist Hans Lucht to actually “meet” Carl Ingram, who wants him neutralized for snooping around downstairs. When you follow the Bird of Prey mission story and disguise as Zana Kazem to escort Hans to a private location to take a photo of his body, normally Hans will NOT follow you past certain checkpoints to the upper levels by design. He’ll say something about it being a trap or whatever, and bow out.

The trick I discovered is that when approaching the stairs to Miss To, you have to let Hans bow out, and then re-escort him, speed past the guards on the stairs, let Hans accept your invite, and he’ll follow you everywhere and anywhere from that moment on, until the spell is broken by an illegal action, combat, etc. This can be done both before or after you take a photo of his pacified body.

It’s pretty funny to have him meet Miss To, seeing you give a photo of his own body to her, and then get in a room with Carl, the guy who wants him gone. I just had fun messing around up there.

Also, keep in mind sometimes going up the Miss To route will not work, and Hans will back out every time–so sometimes you need to find an alternate route upstairs. You can also “chaperone” Hans through the How The Mighty Fall mission story, but his presence in the penthouse will prevent the emergency shutters from being accessible.