Happy August 10!

Anybody else thinking about Hitman: Absolution today? After all, today is the anniversary of when Diana brought the Agency to its knees. I’ve listened to that voiceover so many times while loading Absolution, the date of August 10 is forever burned in my memory now. Anybody else feel the same way?

“For years, Diana was my sole handler at the Agency. She supplied information and secrecy, and I sold perfection. We had trust. Then last August 10, Diana brought the Agency to its knees. She flushed all accounts, cut off all communication lines, exposed the Agency and used the confusion to vanish. Now the reformed Agency has finally tracked her down. And offered me the contract. One day, I will think of this as just another job. After all, this is what I do.”


We never speak of Absolution honey! That poor wretched child can’t keep up with his older siblings or even the newborn baby!


We are very out numbered on this site @Shrodax. I have lot’s of love for Absolution. The standard statement is: Absolution is a great game. But it’s a bad Hitman game." Most people seem to accept that.


That line is savage.

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My god, I still remember the day I first got my hands over Hitman Absolution. We purchased the game with a friend, super excited, got home, started the game on my Xbox360 and did the tutorial. It was beautiful. Then I realized that most levels were as linear as the tutorial itself and my face transformed from excitement to deep disappointment as I played throughout the first 5 or so levels. After this we just sat in silence with my friend and said: “man… what have they done?..”

First 2 levels exited, but when I couldn’t return in a personal contract after shutting the door I was like; wtf is dis sh¡t. Then I was like okay then let’s continue. Terminus was hard first time, but 47 got knocked out when he was strangling Sanchez, hardcore bullshit it is. Then the rest of the game I was playing it silent assassin as a non hitman game. Some levels like rosewood or attack of the Saints were cool, but the rest didn’t feel like a hitman game.


Streets of Hope, the one with the guy blowing up pigs and Blackwater Park I thought were very close to traditional Hitman levels as well.

Just thought about it and the only level that you can really call a hitman level is king of Chinatown. Some of them come pretty close if they left out the checkpoints.

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Guess what day it is! Happy Absolution Day, everyone! :grin:


Well in that case


Well good thing I played it today lol.

Tbh I like a lot of things about Absolution.

Never forget this game had very big influence on the future of Hitman, in particular two recent games.