More from elusive contracts

I’m part of the camp of people who want more maps, which I suspect are expensive to make, and hard for IOI to justify with their 007 project underway. I love this game and want to play this game more with creativity, as the escalations are fun but on rails.

That said, this is an idea to add more replayability for existing maps using elusive contracts. It would work something like this:

  1. Elusive contracts maintain the same one chance, limited time that you unlock season over season.

  2. After each elusive contract, they go into a mastery pool. Each contract is replayable, with a series of challenges to unlock mastery. (I.e. classics, feats like killing targets doing something on their special paths, discovery of dialogue, etc)

3.The mastery levels unlock other special suits or achievements.

  1. Meta-game could be completing several contracts back to back under special conditioslns. (Like complete 3 contracts b2b silent assassin, or using unsilenced shotgun only)

Anyway, I’m looking for creative always for IOI to give the game more for us long time players, while not over investing


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Developing this entire new system would also take alot of time, so it doesn’t sound bad, I still think our best chance to get New Content aside from Escalations and ET’s are Bonus Missions, which, unlike New Maps, haven’t been deconfirmed yet. (Not confirmed either though.)