Happy Crystal Anniversary, Don & Valentina Yates!

According to the April 2021 calendar in Mendoza, April 4, 2021, is Don & Valentina’s Crystal Anniversary. That’s today!

Though I’ve just now noticed that apparently Hitman takes place in a completely alternate universe where April 4, 2021 is a Monday instead of a Sunday. Or IOI has messed up and accidentally used the 2022 calendar for 2021.


Kind of bitter if you consider Valentina killing him as the canon outcome xD


I did enjoy Googling, “How long for a Crystal wedding anniversary?” and, “What year did the Berlin Wall fall?” [this second one somewhat to my own embarrassment] when playing HITMAN 3 and trying to work out the safe codes: it was a really nice little touch to get players to use their knowledge of the real world to use in solving in-game puzzles.

It’s not a high bar to clear or something to boast about, but just for the record I’d like to say that I didn’t bring shame on myself or Head Of Security Cortazar by needing to Google when WWII ended whilst playing The Farewell for the first time.


Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble of finely-aged cynicism, but the Yateses are genuinely crazy about each other. They’re the proverbial power couple.


Sadly crazy doesn’t always have a happy ending.