Hard to reach the Level 1000

I have played the trilogy and carry out all the achievements but my level is just 984. 16 points more to reach level 1000. And it is long. Thanks to the seven sins which could permit to reach 1000 points.
Because only completing the contracts is taking to much time.
I think the best way to accelerate would be to do again the escalations.

Either way there is no real sense in profile levels.
It does give you absolutely nothing


Even just redoing missions work fine for me, but that would require serious grind.

I do think it’s a good feeling to be level 1000, but it’s not worth it in my opinion.


If to sum up my levels from H2 and H3, I’m over 4.000. But absolutely no benefits.
3491+792=4283 if to be precise

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Clearly knows that 1000 points will offer nothing. It is just a mental barrier to reach.

Do not understand how other people can have more than 1500 points today. I did each escalations/missions/targets/Success/Achievements … 100% in all location and I am just 984.

What is the trick ?

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I know how reset an escalation but not doing again a mission from the beginning

Perhaps you can try grinding Patient Zero for target elimination points. I would suggest bringing a powerful handgun and infecting as many npcs as possible within the cure time limit.

Then, make a save before you kill them all, so you can just reload and kill them again. It’s a bit less painful than redoing main missions and fun to do sometimes. :wink:


Thks YellowZR1, I will test… for fun :+1: :+1:

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For HITMAN 3 the speed of gaining levels is redused comparing to HITMAN 2.
For HITMAN 2 there was a cool multiplayer mode called Ghost Mode where I personally spent all my days back then. But before HITMAN 3 was out, IOI decided to terminate the mode, unfortunately.
As ZR1 said, Patient Zero would’ve hepled a lot in grinding profile levels.
But as I said, the speed of raising levels is redused in HITMAN 3, so I don’t know if there is any point to harvest Patient Zero now

The points for repeated target kill are not awarded. To earn some more, you need to restart the whole level


I’ve seen some contracts made for gaining XP (on the PS trending list) but am not able to say if it is effective or not as I haven’t tried yet

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I would play Berlin killing all 10 targets: (doable in under 5 minutes per try)
50xp per Elimination x 10 = 500 XP
50xp per Accident Kill x 10 = 500 XP
25xp per Unnoticed Kill x 10 = 250 XP
25xp per Disguise change (8 of 10) x8* = 200 XP
Get the staff area key:
open all doors in both toilet area (25xp per door) x12 = 300 XP
Four free disguises: Biker, Bartender, Club Crew, Security Crew = 100XP
1850XP+ per Try. Just an idea :wink:

*every agent disguise is unique. A agent green security disguise is not the same as a security guard disguise (Which means it counts as “New Disguise”)


It would be awesome if there was a reward for reaching level 1000 :wink:


No doubts

Which means he only needs to do that 52 times to reach level 1000. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
That sounds plenty boring.
I think there will just be enough content in the coming months to do it without annoying grinding.
As it doesnt give a reward to reach level 1000, theres no point in doing it early. It‘ll come naturally soon enough.


I wouldn’t say that. I tried to get as much XP as possible within one run in Berlin. It was surprisingly entertaining and fun for me.

Not even Silent Assassin but 2600 XP

While doing this, the idea crossed my mind: Why not making it a new challenge to get as much XP as possible within a certain timeline in a level? Silent Assassin is not the only parameter with this approach. It’s a totally different “rating” at the end. Timelines could be 5 or 10 or 15 minutes. I will defently try this the next days with other levels too :smiley:


When I was training for Roulette Rivals, I got many levels. With Dubai, I won like 10 levels in 2 hours. You “just” need to play many shorts runs, a lot haha. But play on purpose, not for levels, it’s pointless otherwise.


XP are not level point. For example, to progress from level 993 to 994 (one point), you need to succes at least 10 or 15 contracts with 4 targets each…

So I did it , two times. Each time killing approx 70 targets !! but also unfortunately 10/20 non infected people.
It is funny to see how the game & NPC reacts, it is also funny to have a ballad in the quiet hokkaido map and surprising sometime an NPC occupied to pack the bodies.

But in term of increasing level point , the reward is about 1 point so not so much.

Carry out all the featured contracts, all the new DLC , I begin to be near of the goal.


Other example : Actually I am at the level 997 and the XP equivalent is 5 980 800.
We can think that level 1000 is equivalent to 6 000 000 XP.

So if doing Berlin as you did give you 2000 XP , you have to do that 6 000 000 /2000 = 3000 times !!!

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That is not correct.

Assuming level 1000 is 6.000.000 XP (It’s actually a little less. Level 1001 would be 6 million XP, more on that later), then it would be: 6.000.000 - 5.980.800 = 19.200 XP to get from your current level to level 1000.

With Chaos his method (2k XP), that would be less than 10 times, not 3000.

If you meant from scratch it is not correct either, since you would unlock a bunch of challenges on your first playthrough.

1 level = 6000xp. This is a constant, and not progressive with each level. Take your level for example:
You start at level 1, and you are level 997 now. That is 996 levels x 6000 = 5.976.000 XP.

So to be accurate, reaching level 1000 requires 5.994.000 XP. With your current level and XP (5.980.800), that means you need 13.200 XP more. Using Chaos his method, you would have to do that 6,6 times, but lets round it up to 7.