Hardcore Freelancer is simply not worth it at all

I would be trying it at some point, to get those cool trophies. The only thing I’m scared of is to find all 3 prestige objective to be timed. Has anyobody experienced that? I love to take my time in missions

You still can, only the time trial one has a hard timing/deadline. Others like hide-and-seek simply reset the timer to 2:30 when you hide in a closet/box. So if you’re familiar with a map, the latter shouldnt be a problem and you can still take your time.

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Does the alt f4 tactic reset randomize prestige objectives?

No. Those are not subject to Alt-f4. If you end up with a bad set of choices, you’ll pretty much have to live with it.


Ouch. That’s not good. The timer ones are terrible for freelancer. Why did ioi contradict themselves? They said planning and patience but then throw a timer on it? :man_facepalming:


I don’t mind the timed ones existing, but there are far too many and sometimes barely seem possible. I do like some of them, particularly hide and seek, but sometimes you get time trials for all three prestige options and that sucks.


I just thought about something else… is there an xp bonus for hardcore mode?

I dunno, maybe it could help on the long, long road to level 100.

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There isn’t. The benefits that come from Hardcore mode are:

  • three challenges (complete mission, complete syndicate, complete campaign)
  • higher chance of getting Legendary, Epic and Rare items
  • ability to post screenshot on forum and brag about having done it (the best reward!)

That’s really it. No higher experience, no higher monetary reward.


Damn, I missed that :unamused:

I think the hardcore mode is what it is: Hardcore. I think I got three heart attacks during it and I yelled at my poor cat when it jumped on my table, blocking the view to my screen :melting_face:

I did it once for the trophy but I will never do it again. It was just too frustrating and I lost all of my money and tools twice before I finally finished it.

Unlocking the safehouse and getting epic or legendary weapons might take more time with the regular mode, but it’s not impossible, so I will stick with it. In the beginning I had my problems with freelancer but once I got used to it I really enjoy it :relaxed:


Here’s my bragging :rofl:


I agree, but I wouldn’t say you need every item, but you at least need one epic or legendary item of every type. One epic/legendary sniper, silent weapon, non silent weapon, melee weapon, SMG and so on :relaxed:


Beautiful. Next campaign I think I’ll be ready enough to give it a shot.

It’s a shame about there being no XP bonus, it would totally have made sense.

For example, I just noticed you get an extra 2500 XP for completing all four objectives in one go.

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Actually, there is


I tend to agree with the OP about it being super difficult, but not that it’s not worth it. Plenty of people seem to be enjoying it. I got shot to pieces the one time I tried, but it was frustratingly fun. I would have stayed but I decided I want to unlock the safe house through regular mode before I go back to it. Eventually I’ll give it another go bc it wasn’t like I didn’t see how I could improve and eventually complete a campaign.

I hope they leave it alone. We’re not all gods at this game nor should we all be able to walk through it easily on the expert setting.

I think the important thing is to have Priority Items.

  • Compact Silenced SMGS (none specified)
  • Both Emetic Tranqs (double the ammo if you bring both with you)
  • Collectors Lockpick (your obvious best friend when Crowbars are too loud and they change the locks)
  • Silenced Pistol of Epic/Legendary Rarity (if your gonna pick people off do it in silence)
  • Lastly a OP Silenced Sniper Rifle (self explanatory and can be carried around in a briefcase which doubles as a distraction device if used properly)

The biggest takeaway for Freelancer and Hardcore is exploit the games mechanics to your advantage.


It is only for showdowns or even in regular contracts?


I stand corrected then!

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Not sure, because I often skip them…

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Only bonuses you get in regular is a campaign completion bonus.


I just thought of a trick… if you have every sniper rifle on the wall except the common WA2000, I think that means suppliers will always have it.

In other words, you will always have the option of buying a sniper rifle during a mission for a reasonable 6500M. If you have extra cash, it removes the hassle of dragging around a suitcase on missions.