Hardcore mode rules questions

In hard core mode:

  1. What happens if I die? Is it same as in normal mode or some worse punishment?
  2. What happens if I fail the mission (e.g. if I don’t do all 3 tasks)?
  3. What happens if I don’t do additional optional task?
  4. What happens if the leader escapes?
  1. Because all territories are alerted, if you die, the campaign fails and you lose all your tools, whatever weapons you had with you (but not the ones that you left at the Safehouse) and all your money (instead of just half).
  2. Failing any mission will fail the campaign, but the three payout objectives that come with each location are still completely optional. The one and only objective that you must complete (other than killing the targets themselves) is the Prestige Objective that you choose yourself.
  3. Failing to complete the Prestige Objective fails the mission, which fails the campaign.
  4. If the Leader escapes in a Showdown, the mission fails, which also fails the campaign.
  1. Optional objectives are still optional, unless you chose the “Perfect Run” Prestige Objective, then all optional objectives are mandatory too. Keep in mind that “Perfect Run” is still bugged for some players and can cause your Hardcore campaign to fail even if you completed all objectives. You should test in normal mode if this PO causes issues for you.

The Prestige Objective needs to be completed. If you don’t choose one, you will fail the mission.


In dubai, don’t leave through an elevator. It bugged into a fail mission