Hardcore Mode Switch?

From a regular mode player, is hardcore mode the move. From what I have heard it is ridculously hard and unfairly hard, but it comes with more mercers. Im pretty low on them so it could definitley help.

It doesn’t come with more merces, in fact that’s the opposite. You lose all your merces upon campaign failure in HC so it’s an utter chore to buy back the stuff you lost. Better to stay in normal mode if you want more merces.


From a nearly-daily Hitman player, who has no competitive instincts and doesn’t really care about digital trophies on a digital shelf, Hardcore seriously turns me off.

I think it’s mostly the mandatory prestige objective. I do like to play speedy sometimes, but I also like to play sloppy and experiment and try things I know will get me in trouble, so Hardcore just doesn’t appeal to me.


I thought the normal mode was tough, so I’m staying away from Hardcore mode for now.

Maybe one day I will be lured in……:smirk:


It’s not remotely as bad & unfair as people say but it is very punishing & doesn’t come with any meaningful rewards. It’s more for when you’ve finished your dozenth campaign & feel like spicing things up.


Once anyone switches to Hardcore Mode for the first time they should not be allowed to leave it until they beat it. And if they die, their mastery should be temporarily reset and locked at zero so they can’t leave the basement or access any features for the safe house until they beat Hardcore.

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My dude here speedrunning how to make even less people bother with hardcore mode.


That is enough to put people off forever pursuing Hardcore mode :joy:


Yeah. I think a better option would be to require 47 to have one million mercers in his account at all times in order to play in Hardcore Mode; drop so much as one mercer below and its automatic failure. That way players have to build up their mercers to play and losing guarantees he loses A LOT of mercers.


I too haven’t felt a loving embrace in awhile but this is a bit much.


Why do you post the things you post? :fearful:


I was just thinking the same thing :face_with_diagonal_mouth: