Has the music been improved?

I really didn’t like the soft spy-eque soundtrack of the first two games. I much prefer the grittier tracks from Jasper for contracts and blood money. Do we know if Hitman 3 has a new soundtrack and is it better (darker, grittier) or is it the same spy-style music from the first two?

HITMAN 3’s music is a bit darker, to bring it closer to the tone of the story. more dramatic and brooding, while still retaining the soul of the past 2 games. you’ll need to listen to it before making any judgements :slight_smile:


From the Dubai reveal, it sounded a bit more grandiose, as if there was a Silent Assassin influence creeping in. I assume it’ll vary quite a bit in the other levels, but I haven’t watched the footage yet.

it’s subjective…


It’s pretty objective, it’s a hitman game, the music should be gritty, dark and make me feel like a violent criminal. Hitman 3 does a much better jobs than the first two games. It’s not Jasper level, but it’s good.

That’s an oxymoron. Subjective art forms isn’t objective in the slightest.


Agree to disagree. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an objectively better game than Super man 64. Pavarotti is an objectively better singer than I am.

Saying “agree to disagree” also proves my point :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually really miss Hitman 2’s menu music, which matched the spy tone of the games I think. The fact I miss that tells me you’ll probably ike it more! Hahaha.


I just finished 3 and thought the soundtrack was superb. I’d say arguably the best music from the first 3 games.