Have you deleted Hitman 3 Starter Pack?

I didn’t (yet) and I don’t think deleting until steam release . And I didn’t got the access passes even I can get them. Only reason is they said they are planning to release more free content . So what’s your reason for not deleting ?

Up to this day, I thought I understood English.

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Sorry, english isn’t my main language.

I wasn’t nitpicking about your language, but about the message - I have absolutely no idea what you mean - could you clarify?

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If someone still Hitman 3 starter pack installed why ?

Depends on if you have bought the main game. Its basically just a demo version.

I never got any of the starter packs, but i see no point in having them installed besides the main launcher.


I think the most of people on this forum had bought the game well before the Starter Pack was released, so they haven’t downloaded it in the first place.


I guess he’s talking to the minority that’s waiting for the game to release on Steam

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