Haven elimination challenge?

So I’ve been trying to play over a lot of the eliminations and realised that one of the challenges in haven called ‘lamp fever’ asks you to eliminate Tyson with a chandelier accident (which you can do when he’s in the bath) but on the picture it shows the big chandelier hanging in the main hall and has Tyson stood underneath it I was wondering if there was a way to get him there without using coins as an option

You have to make him go there, he never goes downstairs as far as I remember.
And it’s completely up to you how you’ll get him under that big chandelier.
If you don’t want to use coins, you may use some audio distraction device, but for that you’ll need to clear out few NPCs


Ah okay thank you :pray:

Theres two ways to do it, the mission story Idle Hands takes him down stairs and then all you have to do is knock Tyson out and drag him under. However another way to do it is wait for Tyson to enter the bathroom with the jacuzzi. Theres a smaller lamp over the jacuzzi that can be shot to kill Tyson, you dont have to fix the jacuzzi to get him under it but it does make it easier. The big lamp is super misleading but it’s a really easy challenge and a pretty good suit only strat once you know it, it tends to line up well with drowning Ljudmila and blowing up Steven