Hawkes Bay Car Exit?

Do you think they will add this. Its not out of the question for the sequel to change how a level plays in a big way, like with Colorado. I just wonder if its way too late for them to do that. We’d all love it but it takes resources


Wouldn’t take much since it’s already made


that would be useful. perhaps they’ll have time to add that when the sins are done.

when you said car exit though, my mind immediately pictured 47 driving directly into the ocean instead of using the boat to exit


Id love that with the music too. Like the old music not the music that hawkes bay now has

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It would be useful, but what I would really like to see is the car exit but you need car keys that are either on one of the guards or laying in the house but aren’t there until after the cut scene to simulate the driver tossing them into the key dish.


I want to say theres an animation of Alma putting car keys in a dish after the cutscene. So they could put the keys on alma before that animation plays and then spawn them in the dish after. That would maybe be annoying to insert in programming wise so just putting the keys on Orson might be a compromise and would give knocking him out an extra challenge. I dont know im not a game designer so i have cheesy ideas