Hawksbay/ICA facilty MY HISTORY....is GONE

On Xbox one, for just over a year, I’ve been playing Hitman2 /Hawksbay/ ICA facilty demo version.
I’ve played hundreds of the contracts. Being the only 2 maps I played and playing them half the day, I got very good at them. I had lowest time in practically all of them.
I notice UNKNOWN players with unobtainable times. 3 seconds to kill and press the stop button.
I recorded a few and uploaded them to XB live.
The following day ALL my play history was WIPED
Contracts/MY HISTORY/pressing the R joystick . It lists

  1. ALL the contracts
    2.Completed contracts.
    3.Failed contracts
    I had 4 listed, and all were from community, not a gamer tag.

Do you think I was hacked, punished, banned ?
Never got a notice.
I unplugged both my router and xbox for 15 minutes to make sure it wasnt an issue with a file, a connection issue, or an update or something.

Any ideas

The only way this could be triggered intentionally on Hitman 2 is if you request your data to be deleted by logging into your IOI account on the IOI website. If you did not do that I’d suggest to contact Support.
But I am not sure where really, the Zendesk one we usually link seems to be limited to Hitman 3 aka World of Assassination.

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Recheck it today, xbox was acting wonky yesterday.

Thank you for the reply.
Yes I read that somewhere else that it would delete everything.
Went on this morning and it was still like it was, then it hit me I had made a secondary Hitman2 profile. Opened it and that one hasn’t been effected at all.
I opened its History tab , and that one was still full with well over a hundred contracts checked off. So I opened quite a few of those because I had done many with both profiles, and it still lists both of them on all of them.
ALSO… if I go into "contract search “, then play ANY player-made contract , not even that one gets saved to my history.
There’s only 4 that appear in my history, and every one of them are from " Community” only. Theres none from a players gamer tag id.
I hoping its just a local problem, so I
ordered an external drive to back up all my data , which I probably should have done a long time ago, then I’ll delete the games Saved Data cache and “Reserved space”.
Maybe a resync with XBL will tell me if something was corrupt.
I appreciate your time.

Funnily enough this brought back a memory from 2016.

Long Story Short, for the Hitman 2016 Professional Mode Update on Xbox you had a chance that you couldn’t get beyond the main menu due to an infinite connecting to the servers. The only way to do this was to delete your local save.

I’m not sure how Progress worked in HITMAN 2016 since both HITMAN 2 and 3 are more intertwined with each other in some ways. But I always had an irrational thought with 2016 where your progress was on a local save (probably wasn’t). Fortunately Xbox has a good cloud save service which quelled a lot of my worried back in the day.