<HCCE> Contract Creator Extended [Mod/Tool v1.7]

There is not much I can do, the Hitman server refused the creation. Do other creations work? Is the token outdated? Or maybe retry it in an hour or so then the game should issue you a new token.

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Other maps recreation worked.Token is fresh.will try again later


:star2: Need some help with a new contract :star2:

If able to make a contract for both PS and any other platform, please dm me, thanks yall :heart:


With a pretty please?


Hi Urben can u make a “recreatce contacts to all platforms you have” button for HCCE? Then I don’t need to click again and again to recreate my contracts…


HCCE is no longer accepting my ticket… I’ve attempted the login from 3 different browsers (after signing out of PlayStation accounts for all) and then logged back in through the IOI data request tool. When re-opening the HCCE window there is no ticket present in the box.

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Since the thread got bumped, I’ll mention what I’ve been meaning to say here for ages but always forgot: the latest update changed the name for one of the "ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert"s into “ICA White Tactical Shotgun Covert” (or something similarly white), which means these two weapons no longer have the same name. So it should probably be a safe bet to remove them from the list of forbidden items?

(Oh and while we’re at it how exactly are the nitro and explosive compound bugged? AFAIK they’re correctly categorized as explosive items but maybe it’s something else? It really saddens me that it’s not possible to select them as kill methods since they’re among my favorite items :confused: )


Yes that is true. It is a bit more complicated though as I recognize duplications, or more precisely incorrectly marked duplications by a list of items findable on the map. And with each patch these lists might get outdated as well when they change items.
And as I don’t want to do that each patch, I currently think about how I would tackle this. If I don’t get a big motivation boost I’d say the last patch on the Year 3 roadmap marks the time where I update all lists by manually collecting everything on all contract maps (again), also because I need to do that anyway with the new contract maps.

Sorry that feature is a bit inaccurate until then.

The event the game sends to the server when doing kills with them is wildly different to usual explosive devices. A contract with the objective to use these items often fail because of that issue. I think it is one of the things to check again as well in case IO did something about it just for the sake to make them HCCE compatible.

I also was really sad when I found that issue.

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I can add Contract Condition from some escalation, like No Ballistics?

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No, only the complications from contract mode.


I cant seem to get this to work it keep pushing offline. Any help?

Show me a screenshot of your HTTPS settings in Fiddler.

Screenshot 2023-06-24 221821

Got it working with a reinstall of pugin and fiddler. now the contract box does not pop off.

You did not toggle the “Skip decryption” to “Perform decryption”.

Screenshot 2023-06-24 225739

Done this but now I cant connect to hitman severs when I play.

Thanks for the help so far.

Did you allow the certificate when Windows asked you? If you are unsure, click on the button “Actions” there on the screenshot and click “Trust root certificate” where you have to verify to use the cert.

Yes. Reading through linux_penguin post 731.


HCCE writes error logs, send me one of these files via DM.

HCCE writes error logs? How do i do that??