<HCCE> Contract Creator Extended [Mod/Tool v1.7]

Download the most recent version here, see below for how-to’s :arrow_down:


  • More specific kill conditions:
    – Specific Firearms (Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle)
    – Specific Poisons (Injected Poison, Consumed Poison)
    – Specific Pistol Eliminations
    – Specific Fiber Wires
    – Specific Explosive Devices
    – Specific Explosive Accidents (Propane Flask only)
  • Specify the exact Suit to be used
  • Change the time limit after exiting
  • De- and reselect targets after exiting
  • Change the order of targets by drag&drop
  • Automatically add the exit name to the briefing if Required-Exit is used
  • Automatically add the creator name to the briefing if specified
  • Search by <HCCE> to find all contracts made with this tool on your platform
  • Recreate contracts as a Playstation, XBox or Stadia player

Questions & answers

How does this tool work?

The tool is running alongside to Hitman and inspects the network traffic between the game and Hitman servers. The server accepts more conditions than the game is currently able to send. The tool modifies the traffic as you wish. If you want to know how Fiddler comes into play, click here. Your data is only sent to the Hitman server and not to any third party server.

Do I need this tool to play the contracts?

No, the tool is only needed to create them. After that anyone can play who is on the same platform and owns the required map. You can find many of them by using the ingame search for the text <HCCE>.

I have a problem, something does not work. What should I do?

Just reply to this thread. Also check the content of Fiddler > H3 Contract Creator Extended > Open Folder > Errors. If the folder exists and there are files, send them to me. Generally try to describe as good as you can what you did and what you expected to happen.

Also check Fiddler itself. If you see an entry like that:


  • the text color is red
  • the Process name is fiddler

Then save the response by right-clicking it and pick this:

…and send the resulting text file to me as well.
If you see multiple entries like this, send them all to me.

Can I require melee kills to be done thrown AND close-up? Or pistol as ranged AND elimination?

Sadly no, this seems to be not possible at all with any data that can be sent to the Hitman server.

Does the tool have to be updated with each game update?

No, unless IO introduces breaking changes on how contract creation works.
For new items, outfits and locations, an external file is loaded automatically so you don’t have to do anything here as well. However, I might need to fix bugs so I suggest you keep your version up to date.

I am a console player and have a contract idea, what should I do?

Since you cannot create contracts directly yourself, write your exact idea + briefing into this thread. A fellow PC player might happen to create it for you. That player can also insert your username into the Author field. After that you two can proceed with the recreation process for your console.

Installing and running this is too complicated, can you make it easier?

Sadly no, reading otherwise encrypted network traffic is nothing I can just invent myself, so Fiddler is needed. However, with some small donations, I could rent a specific version of Fiddler that makes the tool a lot more light-weight!

More Information

  • Optional, significant complications only
    By choice I don’t allow auto-fail complications. Only the Required-Exit one is included. I also did not include complications which are redundant to the Silent Assassin rating. So no Targets-Only and no No-Recordings.

  • Duplicate items cannot be used
    Some items have the same name but exist as separate items. That would confuse the player who easily fail kill conditions with these items. So I don’t allow them. See below for a detailed list.
    Note that the tool is focused on the English version of the game. This might not fully cover the situation for other ingame languages.

  • Console recreation has limits
    As it looks like right now, contracts can only be recreated for Playstation, XBox and Stadia. Switch is not possible. Xbox is also trickier, as it seems the process will only work for players who don’t own Hitman 2 or Hitman 2016 with their Xbox account. I keep investigating what the exact issue is here. Stadia players might not see the contract appear as their own, though otherwise the contract is playable.
    Note that only contracts created with this tool can be recreated and only if the recreator owns the map it was created on. The original creator needs to send the console player a local file that is created along with the PC contract. See below for the exact procedure.

  • Usable text characters
    There are no issues if you use Latin or Cyrillic characters. But the tool is unable to include for example Asian characters. They are not displayed even if you switch the game to Chinese. I could not determine what I need to do to make this possible. Generally, if the characters you want to use cannot be displayed in the English version of the game interface, you cannot use them in my editor as well. 对不起!

Contract design suggestions

There are enough contracts out there which add all possible restrictions and complications. With this tool you can make even worse contracts. Please consider these suggestions to make generally better contracts:

Creating contracts
  1. Make sure Fiddler is running
  2. Use the contract creation ingame as you used to do
  3. When exiting the map, the game should minimize automatically. If you don’t see the editor it might be behind other windows.
  4. Change the conditions as you please and hit publish
  5. If all worked well, you can copy the ID in the output field or just go back ingame

You find the contract in the “My Contracts” tab ingame.

Recreating contracts

Original creator:

  1. In Fiddler, click on H3 Contract Creator Extended > Open Folder
  2. Open the folder Contracts and there the file of the contract you want to have recreated
  3. Copy the content and send it to the console player who wants to recreate the contract


  1. In Fiddler, click on H3 Contract Creator Extended > Recreate Contract
  2. Follow the instructions shown to you
  3. At the end, paste the text the original creator sent to you into the right field
  4. Hit Recreate

Current list of forbidden items

See “Limitations” why these items cannot be used.

Forbidden items on all maps

These items exist as multiple, unlockable items with the same name and therefore cannot be used in any map.

  • Proximity Explosive Duck
  • Lethal Pills
  • Lethal Poison Vial
  • ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert

These items are bugged and are by principle not usable for specific kill conditions.

  • Nitroglycerin
  • Kronstadt Octane Booster
  • Explosive Compound
(WIP) Forbidden items on all maps

The following items are also currently forbidden on all maps but will soon be much more available. I need to check on all variants on all maps to make sure they are only excluded where multiple variants with the same inventory name exist.

  • Bartoli 12G
  • Bartoli 12G Short
  • Bartoli 75R
  • Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle
  • DAK X2 Covert
  • Druzhina 34
  • Enram HV
  • Explosive Golf Ball
  • Fusil G2
  • HWK21 Pale
  • HWK21 Pale Homemade Silencer
  • HX-7 Covert
  • ICA Remote Explosive Mk III
  • ICA SMG Raptor Covert
  • Remote CX Demo Block
  • Shashka A33 H
  • TAC-4 AR Auto
  • TAC-4 AR Stealth
  • TAC-4 S/A
  • Tactical Bartoli 12G

Technical details

  1. Download and install Fiddler Classic (fake data works too)
  2. Download Contract Creator Extended
  3. Put my files into Fiddler’s extension folder: \Program Files\Fiddler2\Scripts
  4. Start Fiddler, click on Tools > Options > HTTPS and replicate the settings:



  • 05.10.2021: v1.0
    – Initial release

  • 08.10.2021: v1.1
    – Added a checkbox to deactivate all briefing additions the tool can do
    – Briefing additions are a bit shorter to be less intrusive
    – Fixed an issue where certain contract titles could cause their files to not be saved
    – Fixed an issue that caused Fiddler to freeze when closing the editor after the game (thanks @CybraxCyberspace)
    – Changed how forbidden items are handled
    – Less duplicated error logs are generated
    – The error log for not properly toggling the decryption during the installation is now more helpful

  • 16.10.2021: v1.2
    – Fixed an issue that came up after the IO’s backend maintenance in October
    – A contract can now be saved to a file without publishing it
    Thanks to @CybraxCyberspace for helping at both

Mod menu in Fiddler

Special thanks

  • @Kevin_Rudd for the initial method, elaborating what is possible and numerous other things in the last months
  • @MrMike for providing the list of item/outfit/npc names, helping with the recreation process and other info
  • @grappigegovert for helping at disabling the game cert check
  • @CybraxCyberspace for helping at v1.1 and v1.2
  • @PapaLevy for making a video showing how to install and use the tool
  • IO Interactive for making this great game, just please update the Contract Mode :pleading_face:
  • Christopher May who died countless times to help me making this tool

Video of the installation & usage:


Woo! I discovered this ability over three months ago and have been sitting on it ever since :sweat_smile:
But now that Urben has given all (PC) players the ability to do it without need for intense specialist knowledge, it’s my hope that too many people will be making them for it to die out/be contained by IO.

To start us off here are a few contracts, and they’re on all main platforms. One I slipped early onto Reddit and one I slipped onto HMF. These contracts are essentially about making you steal specific weapons on the map, which is the closest we’ll get to “Objectives” in contracts mode

Remember a code with 1 means PC, 2 means PS, 3 means Xbox

Gun Grabber


Weapon Hunt: Garden Show


Breaking And Entering


Diving Right In


The Amphibian Consumption

Made this one for Gluttony FCs but the tool wasn’t ready so I decided not to submit it

Let’s see a Specific Weapon contract get featured this month! Submit away!


If something does not work and the error folder contains a bunch of files with Error at not-awaited function in CreationController.SetOAuthBearer() then make sure you toggle the tiny option in Tools > Options > HTTPS at :two: in the screenshot:

If it reads “Skip decryption…” then it is wrong and needs to be toggled to “Perform decryption”.



I’ve been waiting for this so long. :sob:
Thanks everyone who have been working on this. Hope I can figure this out today. :pray:


Wow! That’s brilliant, thanks @Urben @Kevin_Rudd @MrMike @grappigegovert and everyone else involved! Really easy to use – even I got it to run. Of course just tested with a simple contract. Now the fun begins…

Edit: Would you suggest to not use items from H1 or H2? Thinking about a contract with the Rude Ruby…


It is better if you use more available items unless the contract happens on a map of that season anyway.

It also depends on who you want to give the contract to. I would strongly suggest to not submit contracts to be featured if they need something else than the H3 base game items. :wink:


Yep, can’t imagine IOI picking a contract with items that aren’t available for people who only own H3.

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I still don’t understand how you could recreate this on Xbox/PS.


When you create a contract on console, your console sends data to the Hitman server. The console also sends authorization data so the server knows who you are and if you are allowed to do that.

Luckily that authorization data is also part of the login into the IO account on IO’s website for managing your personal data. When you login there while my tool is running, that data is used to mime the exact thing your console does. The Hitman server thinks you sit at your console to create the contract!

However this is no security risk here. The data is usually encrypted and without actively installing and running my tool nobody can read that data. And even then someone would have to hack into your computer first.




Thanks for the explanation. This is great.


Missed the perform decryption part, thank you.

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That’s awsome!I create a contract in here.Have fun.



Nice pun in the title :joy:

I knew someone makes a Golden Shotgun contract!


Jesus! What have you done :joy:
Already a few really hard contracts on pc. That will keep me entertained for a while…

Edit: Found an item that’s not working. Wanted to make an all “Kronstadt Octane Booster”-Kill-Contract. In my test if this is a thing it came up like this:

Killing him with any other explosive device results in a fail. I could make this contract but that would be brutal for people in the unknown (although I could specify it in the briefing? :thinking: )


Huh that is weird, did my editor name it as “Octane Booster”? What do you see when you click on the target panel there ingame?

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No, it was «undefined id» (or something like that). When I click on the panel it’s like this:

While loading it’s like this:


Gonna check that out when I am home, sounds really weird. Probably I have to put it on the forbidden item list.

Damn the Octane Booster is one of the items I looked forward to the most to make contracts with. :joy:


Me too! Probably making a contract nevertheless. Just writing it in the briefing.

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I would like to remake a contract I made on… I’m pretty sure it was in H1. Big Iron (yeah, named after the Marty Robins song). Cowboy suit only and kills with the Striker (instead of being a wimp and using a silenced pistol). I think I recall which ones were the targets, but have no clue what the briefing said.

Now to get to work and figure this out… & see what I can do. :hushed:
Thanks so much for making and sharing this!

Edit: Now that I think about it - since some of the audio devices were nerfed, maybe the intended way to complete ‘Big Iron’ is no longer possible. :thinking:


Update, don’t make the contract!

I found out the issue and it requires a patch for the editor. With that the kill method should display.

EDIT: Nevermind, because the kill event of the octane booster is weird, putting in the correct ID is not possible to fulfill. :frowning:

EDIT 2: Nitroglycerine has the same bug. :frowning: