❄ Official Community Winter Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

:santa: December Featured Contracts Submission Thread :snowman:

Christmas comes early this year. At least for IO and me as we are expecting lovely submissions before December even started! I don’t know when exactly the batch goes live, but I will know which contracts are in it as I am the person again who will select them. :smiley:

The theme is Winter / Holidays / Christmas / New Year… whatever you think fits the time of the year and is uplifting for us all (minus the targets) will likely fit this batch! I aim to select 6 contracts, though I want to reserve one slot for myself. Sorry! :kissing_heart:

Submit your contract(s) before November 28th, 5PM CET.

Submit your contract with…

  • The name you want to be credited with
  • The contract title
  • The contract ID
  • The System (note that “PC” is not specific enough, pick “Epic”, “Steam” or “Stadia” instead)
  • An Image suggestion (optional, I will do the double-tile-style of last year again so expect me to redo the screenshots again anyway)

If you are not on Epic Games

I cannot check your submission directly sadly so I need more information:

  • The briefing
  • All objectives
  • The target locations

Note that these information are still optional for you as the author as I also have Little Helpers to support me at this task hopefully. :elf: So if it is too complicated for you to share screenshots of these things, or want to give the helpers a chance to shine, you can leave it to them!


I might be a bit picky so I want to be honest here before you jump into the creation.

  • Offer some freedom and ideally more than one way to get Silent Assassin
  • No Autofail Complications
  • Not on Dartmoor Garden Show (my own contract will be there :wink:)

I would also like to include HCCE contracts but I expect the big majority to be plain vanilla contracts, if not all of them.



Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44     Stadia44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
Extra Info
1. Tanto Klaus Fenixsandr 1-18-1437262-29  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
2. CALM BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE Pagan / PapaLevy 1-30-1534392-00  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
3. The pen and the bomb asheer150 1-15-7148737-03   Steam :elf:
4. Reverse Burglar Welark 1-15-2119448-81   Steam :white_check_mark:
5. New Year, Same Me bgyorok 1-27-5159903-10  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
6. Sniper Santa Houston 1-30-1194332-65  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
7. O Christmas Tree jan 1-29-4777460-81   Steam :white_check_mark:
8. Can Somebody Teach Me How To Swim? Faiz51 1-26-8057012-05  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
9. Siberia Simulation Dinozafr 1-31-7125774-68  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
10. Holiday Hackl Express Quartz Tan 1-11-4359208-27  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
11. Home Alone in New York Shade 1-24-5924500-05   Steam :elf:
12. Tobias the Gold-Gunned Hitman Phylocode 1-12-5650271-67  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
13. Santa Mis-Fortuna Phylocode 1-12-1314231-67  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
14. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing festive_penguin 1-07-6980226-43 Steam
3-07-2660790-02 Xbox
15. Golden Present For Lonely People Faiz51 1-34-0892917-05  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
16. The Dead of Winter KOats 1-10-6693749-02  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
17. The Ninja That Stole Christmas plantspeaker 1-10-5019152-07  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
18. Rieper the Gold-Gunned Hitman Phylocode 1-12-2096651-67  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
19. Warm Welcome Phylocode 1-10-1753179-67  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
20. Santa’s Elves’ Helpers plantspeaker 1-24-8552802-07  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
21. The Naughties’ Terminations plantspeaker 1-22-7921546-07  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
22. Enjoy your bath! Fenixsandr 1-10-8455220-29  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
23. Ending the Year with a Bang Melusca 1-28-2703093-63   Steam :white_check_mark:
24. Winter Solstove Joseph 1-21-3418825-96  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
25. Icy Kill Phylocode 1-31-4929344-67  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
26. The Exodus GKPunk 1-24-7033560-93  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
27. From Santa To Tobias Force_Obscure 1-27-1668788-34  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
28. A Christmas Peril bgyorok 1-28-9111010-10  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
29. Weapon Hunt: Chongqing Kevin M Rudd 1-30-5604843-04  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
30. Santa’s Workshop Strike Kevin M Rudd 1-31-2621691-04  Epic Games
2-31-5512557-12  PlayStation
3-31-9935500-37  Xbox
1-31-6375457-13  Stadia
31. Equator Christmas Pancak 1-31-8863645-66   Steam :elf:
32. Santa’s Gift: Boom Stick plantspeaker 1-28-9947158-07  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
33. Merry Fucking Christmas KizNews 1-10-6454375-02  Stadia
1-10-7949141-52  Epic Games
34. The Paris Bedecking Meme Junkie 1-02-8544779-37  Epic Games :white_check_mark:
35. Yuki-onna Faiz51 1-10-6237531-05  Epic Games :white_check_mark:



Contract Name
Contract ID
Extra Info
1. Operation: Presents NOREL_XL 2-34-9693411-81 :white_check_mark:
2. Silent But Deadly Night mjbsr2008 2-22-4385996-05  PlayStation
1-22-8442542-05  Epic Games
3. Texan Elf Iamblue17 2-10-8385293-45 :elf:
3. Toxic Thrills Iamblue17 2-30-3394752-45 :elf:
4. Holiday Hex Steynkie69 2-26-2606393-09 :white_check_mark:
5. Santa’s Workshop NOREL_XL 2-29-6089360-81 :white_check_mark:
6. Don’t Kill My Chill, Diana Kolnikov 2-03-0076406-55 :white_check_mark:
7. Bloodsport V_i_c_kS 2-03-1659753-40 :elf:
8. Slaughter Night Holy Night Cruxal216 2-02-1277755-44 :white_check_mark:
9. Winter cold ScHiZo_OnY 2-18-6858658-54 :white_check_mark:



Contract Name
Contract ID
Extra Info
1. Christmas Creep Canucklehead X 3-22-5680859-69 :white_check_mark:
2. Santaweevil’s SONOKO Wigglyweevil211 3-02-9683478-17 :white_check_mark:
3. The Naughty Letters DavidG185 3-11-8543869-09 :white_check_mark:
4. Another one lights the dust Wigglyweevil211 3-07-2730685-17 :white_check_mark:
5. The Winch That Stole Christmas Crewdy 3-27-7880170-20 :white_check_mark:
6. The Naughty List AshleyJS13 3-10-1797330-60 :elf:
7. They never remain-deer Wigglyweevil211 3-10-2673722-27 :white_check_mark:
8. We want new DJ’s STJOLOS88 3-29-3873977-69  Xbox
1-29-2434537-05  Epic Games
9. That Beeeoch poisened the muffins STJOLOS88 3-22-7963474-69  Xbox
1-22-2129416-05  Epic Games
10. 47 vs Urben: Explosive Holiday Special Canucklehead X 3-26-2750149-69 :white_check_mark:
11. Xmas Wishlist ChoppyGlint5869 3-18-4918630-67 :elf:
12. Santa takes care of business STJOLOS88 3-31-1190531-69 :white_check_mark:
13. The Wilson Fortification Kesington019 3-22-1476748-19 :white_check_mark:

Extra Info:
:x:: missing – :white_check_mark:: provided or Epic contract – :elf:: provided by Little Helper


:man_elf: Little Helpers :woman_elf:

Whenever you notice a submission contract that is not on EpicGames and lacks the info I need (having a :x: at “Extra Info” in the list above), reply to the submission with either

  • Screenshots of the briefing, all objectives and target locations or
  • The contract id on Epic because you recreated it

…and by this become a Little Helper!

I will name all helpers in the briefing of my own contract in the batch! :gift:

Little Helper list

  • Faiz51 (3)
  • Switcher (2)
  • PapaLevy (2)
  • jan342 (1)
  • linux_penguin (1)
  • bgyorok (1)
  • Ham_Train (1)
  • Kesington019 (1)
  • Joseph (1)

The name: Fenixsandr
The contract title: Tanto Klaus
The contract ID: 1-18-1437262-29
The System: Epic

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Re-submitting Pagan’s contract from last year

Epic: 1-30-1534392-00
Stadia: 1-30-8220666-13
Playstation: 2-30-4928512-00


Submit your contract with…

  • my name: asheer150
  • The pen and the bomb (Title)
  • Contract id: 1-15-7148737-03
  • PC (steam, windows10)
  • A nice image of the ancestral pen

True to my word.


Name: Welark
Contract Title: Reverse Burglar
Contract ID: 1-15-2119448-81
System: PC (Steam)

Location: Sapienza (The Author)


Our client was recently arrested for burglary. However, he insists he was only there to leave things behind, not steal them.

I wouldn’t have believed it either, but apparently the prosecution is hiding security footage that proves our client’s innocence. Retrieve the footage and eliminate the prosecutor, as well as the man guarding it. Note that Bravuomo’s personal guard is not in on it and should not be harmed, nor should any other innocent bystanders; we want this all to look accidental.

Objectives & Target Locations

Eliminate Daniel Samper (Any Method/Suit) (Camera room at the top of town hall)
Eliminate Salvatore Bravuomo (Accident/Suit) (Bravuomo’s office)
No Pacifications (Optional)
Targets Only (Optional)
No Recordings (Optional)

(I hope just writing that is enough. If not, hopefully the helpers can get some screenshots. :elf:)

More info (and spoilers!)

This is a pretty simple contract with a good balance of freedom and challenge. (I hope :smile:) I’m pretty sure there’s only been one FC on The Author (and it was made by IO) and Bravuomo actually has some interesting stuff going on, even though there’s not much reason to go to his office in the main mission.

The main target in my contract is Bravuomo, but you’ll probably take out Daniel Samper first. He’s easy to get rid of, so you have pretty much complete freedom and killing him frees up the camera room which looks over Bravuomo’s office.

Bravuomo himself needs an accident kill. The obvious (but not only) answer is the chandelier, which you can even drop from the camera room. Bravuomo never walks directly under it on his own, so you’ll need to distract him there without the guard in the room taking priority. There are several ways to do this.

My favorite is to use an interesting feature of non-coin distractions: If someone’s already investigating one, (and has actually reached it, not walking to it) they won’t go to another, so Bravuomo will investigate a second non-coin noise. Some other options are luring him to you by getting almost spotted, throwing a briefcase/weapon… or using the Sieker, if you really must. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you miss with dropping the light, you’re not forced to restart. There’s an open window in the room next to him. There’s still some risk to this, since he’ll be coming towards you into a fairly open room. Think carefully about where you want to hide :wink:

Image Suggestion: The window in the camera room, looking down into Bravuomo’s office. Preferably with Bravuomo there.


You already chose mine last year so I’ll give up on this one and give the opportunity to others, good luck everyone.


Could we add a :snowflake: emoji somewhere in the topic title? :person_shrugging:

Why? It’ll be easier to find from the forum index. :smiling_face:


Here’s an old one from me made for New Year’s Eve!
Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: New Year, Same Me
Contract ID: 1-27-5159903-10
System: Epic
Image Suggestion: I sadly lost the OG image in the background, so here are some other ones instead:

Although it does suffer from a few points, I still think it’s relatively good, and if it existed as a “holiday special contract”, why not use the chance to post it here?


• By: Houston
• Title: Sniper Santa
• ID: 1-30-1194332-65
• Platform: PC, Epic Games
• Image suggestion: Something along the lines of the Sieger 300 Viper in Santa 47’s hands, cropped on the rifle with 47’s head out of the frame (kind of like the Hitman Sniper mobile promotional images?)

My notes

This contract suffers from being a bit too easy and somewhat linear but I find it enjoyable despite that.

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This is the promotional material I was thinking of.


Here is the extra info for Asheerwad_Danda’s submission, that Urben asked for.

Click me ;)


Damn you put all the compilations on forced!


:christmas_tree::evergreen_tree::christmas_tree: O Christmas Tree :christmas_tree::evergreen_tree::christmas_tree:

Contract Title: O Christmas Tree
Location: Berlin
Submitter name: jan
Platform: Steam
Contract ID: 1-29-4777460-81

With Christmas around the corner, many people are looking for a decorative tree for their home. In Berlin there have been talks about sourcing those trees from the forest near Club Hölle. However, a few people are currently blocking this idea and it is your job to get those troublemakers out of the way. Make sure to have the eliminations look like accidents and wear the Santa suit, if you have it unlocked. Happy Holidays!

The contract has no complications.

Target Locations
Udo Würtz is the bouncer at the main entrance of the club. Richard Baumgärtner is on level -1 near the overpass close to the hanging tree installation. Benedikt Fleischer is on the bottom level of the map near the DJ backstage area.

Map screenshots

Image suggestion

Further images


@Urben is back picking contracts again! Oh boy. Well, I had a look at my old Christmas/Holiday themed contracts I have created last year. Not going to reuse any of them. Sorry for anyone that was kinda hoping I would bring back I’m Dreaming of White Wine, ha ha, well… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’m not making the same thing happen twice. Time to make some new contracts. If you want to play my contracts from last year, check out the Fanmade Contracts thread. Though I’ll point out their names to save the effort; Patrick’s Home Alone, I’m Dreaming of White Whine and The Rudolph Rampage. The rudolph one is not that known. Unsurprising why. Anyways, I’ll be back soon with fresh contracts. :duck: :roll_eyes:

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Title: Santaweevil’s SONOKO
Contract ID: 3-02-9683478-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Paris, The Showstopper
Brief description: This contract can be done in every Suit starting location available from any mastery, lots of routing is here and to top it all off: It’s a SONOKO! Happy Holidays.


Image suggestions (the second one is my personal favorite then the 1st one, the 3rd one is ok if the others ain’t good enough):

Target locations in order

★By the yellow car in the FC images
★Having a smoke on the technician floor (you can see him directly from the palace garden starting location
★having a smoke by a gas lamp on the auction balcony
★having a smoke buy the gas canisters in the fashion show event unloading area (next to the stylist spawn)

Edit: got another image for you