Hitman 3, Year 2 - Winter Roadmap

My Pre-release Rant

Now that we’ve had the last laugh against Philip Giggles (for the 5th time in 8 months), it’s time once again to look ahead to next month. Speaking optimistically, surely it will be better than last year’s Winter Roadmap, right? Here are some of my predictions:

We’re probably only getting one batch of ETA trials, since that ties with the most trials released in one patch, that being 4 with the Year 2 patch. Given the trend of these last couple of months to add in unused ETs, I think we will finally get The Warlord, which I can’t wait to try since she seems like an old-school difficulty Hitman target (hopefully without telepathic abilities anymore). I’m kinda hoping that the Fixer doesn’t come until they Fix him (i.e, you can skip the whole diamond exchange and take them off whoever currently owns them without insta-failing, target or otherwise). The reward could honestly be anything, maybe a Christmas item, but probably not because I don’t think they plan when to release each ETA the moment they add them in via patches.

With no more S2 or 3 ETs left, the ETs this month may be a bit different. HOPEFULLY they don’t just reactivate them all again, I think 3 times are enough for now, IOI. Considering the last 2 months have had 2 Summer Bonus Missions in the Free Location Rotation, I’m predicting The Icon will be playable for free, along with The Badboy #2 for a bit. Maybe they’ll make Holiday Hoarders and/or HSF free as well around Christmas. Since the 2 Hokkaido ETs have both been featured in Year 2 already (even if the Fugitive was just reactivated), a Paris ET will be here instead to coincide with the free period, maybe the Forger #2 for a nostalgic feel? There may be a third target as well, if so, maybe the Identity Thief or something, IDK.

As is the custom lately, there’ll probably be a challenge for a new unlock, probably on HSF or Holiday Hoarders, something Winter themed probably, maybe something to go alongside the winter stuff we’ve already got, i.e, the suit, sniper rifle, briefcase & various melee items, so it might be a pistol, SMG, assualt rifle or shotgun to fill in a gap. And hopefully there’ll be a second challenge for the black winter suit please IO, please (I know, it’s not happening)?

There’ll be featured contracts, one set by Urben & the community, another by IOI themselves probably, and maybe a third one by the community to finish it off.

And finally maybe, just maybe, there’ll be another new escalation? It doesn’t have to be Winter themed, although a Winter theme for a H3 map would be amazing. I really hope the Halliwell Fable was the start of something, rather than an anomaly.

Thanks for letting me rant. :sweat_smile:

December has arrived and we’ve prepared a traditional bumper roadmap with two months worth of content for HITMAN 3 players to unwrap and enjoy. Both December and January are packed into this special edition for the holiday period – and there are some new, festive-themed unlocks on the way too!

Starting with a new challenge and unlock today to kick-start the month, through to the release of HITMAN 3 Freelancer on January 26, there’s plenty to be excited about. Let’s take a closer look at what’s to come this Winter in HITMAN 3.

December 1: Holiday Hoarders + 2 unlocks!
It wouldn’t be December in HITMAN without Harry, Marv and some holiday hoardin’. Paris is all decked out with snow cannons and glimmering lights, whilst there are also some new unlocks in town.

The first gift is Lil’ Flashy, who felt like a perfect fit to be under the tree. He’s small, endearing and useful in plotting certain assassinations. The second gift is literally a gift. It’s also explosive, but crucially is not considered a suspicious item, so you can leave it lying around wherever you want without it arousing suspicion. Could be useful.

If this is your first time playing Holiday Hoarders, don’t miss your chance to unlock the Santa 47 suit!

Holiday Hoarders is permanent for HITMAN 3 owners and will be available between December 1 and January 5 for Free Starter Pack players.

December 8: Elusive Target Arcade

More content and gifts on the way with the Shashka A33 Gold Assault Rifle. Unlock this powerful and glamorous rifle by completing either of the Elusive Target Arcade Contracts arriving in early December: The Aesthetes or The Authoritarians.

December 15: Urben’s Holiday Special #2

Curated Contracts are collections of the best contracts out there. Hand-picked and refined by some of the community’s best-known talents, they offer unique and fun challenges that you might never have encountered. Two batches of Curated Contracts are packed into this Winter Roadmap and first up is Urben’s Holiday Special.

Urben’s talents have seen them regularly appear in Featured Contracts batches in the past years, win competitions to get their face in the game and, as you might have guessed, were the mastermind behind the original Urben’s Holiday Special in 2021. In fact, we should probably just send them a medal already. Thanks Urben!

December 22: The Icon

Sapienza, by night with a huge movie set. That’s the premise for The Icon, where Dino Bosco is taking one last shot at superstardom. Your job is to literally end his career, for good.

This mission can be played for free between December 22 and January 2.

December 30: The Bad Boy

Sapienza, by night with a huge movie set and a former musician-turned-gangster who’s in hiding from the police. The Bad Boy Elusive Target brings a different challenge to The Icon, but it’s one that everyone can enjoy. Do it at the end of this year, or the start of next. The choice is yours.

January 5: Hokkaido Snow Festival

Start 2023 at the Hokkaido Snow Festival and complete the new Ice To Meet You challenge to unlock the ICA 19 Iceballer. It’s probably the coolest gun you’ll ever have.

If this is your first time playing the Hokkaido Snow Festival, don’t miss your chance to unlock the Snow Festival suit!

Free Starter Pack players can enjoy the HSF between January 5 and January 26, 2023.

January 6: The Forger

HITMAN 3 Year 2’s final Elusive Target is The Forger. Mr Larin, as he’s known by his friends, was the first Elusive Target ever released back in 2016. This will be the first time he can be eliminated with a Shashka A33 Gold, Iceballer or Explosive Christmas Gift. He’ll be in town for 10 days.

January 12: Winter Madness #2

The Frote7 speedrun community knows a thing or two about creating and curating contracts. Last year, they featured here with the first Winter Madness contracts and told us about creativity, freedom of choice and replayability being at the core of a good contract. We’re sure there will be more of the same this time around.

If you’re interested in learning more about this community or are curious about the world of Hitman speedrunning, head to the F7SC Discord channel – or wait until January 12th when they arrive in-game.

January 26: HITMAN 3 Freelancer

It’s finally on the roadmap. HITMAN 3 Freelancer will arrive, alongside a major patch, on January 26 and will be a free addition for all HITMAN 3 owners. If you need more details about this exciting, rogue-like mode, head over to our Road to Freelancer series.

Extra note: There’s intentionally no content releasing in the immediate week before the release of HITMAN 3 Freelancer. This is to give our Hitman team a clear focus and longer run up to the new mode release without any distractions.

Full HITMAN 3 Year 2 Winter Roadmap


Bring back the fixer. Merry Christmas. :santa:


Whittleton Creek Xmas.

It’s never too late!


Amen. Give me one more try at this asshole, for old time’s sake.


yes please the fixer and another outfit which im guessing

A Paris ET please, there are like 72 of them but for some reason only 2 were released in H3 while we got stuff like Sgail 2 months in a row -_-

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Plz no. If there is going to be no “Year 3”, any potential Y2 of The Forger has to come last in January so that ETs can end right where they began in 2016.

I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again, Whittleton Creek at Halloween and Xmas needs to happen.

It’s such a shame IOI haven’t gone beyond Holiday Hoarders in Paris and expanded the Xmas themed missions to other areas.

We can still grab onto some hope it will happen :crossed_fingers:t2::grin:


Made an account on here a day ago just for this but I hope to see IO make the trinity pack purchasable, it’s time that they start making it purchasable for all platforms since it’s so annoying imo how they haven’t done so yet

I hope to also see them make the original Explosive Pen and Lil’ Flashy unlockable as well by adding two challenges (maybe ETA challenges) since I literally almost have all items and suits in the game

If it’s possible, I really hope that IO does another year of support, as in a Year 3 since I wouldn’t want to see this game end support just yet since I want to see some new content

Kind of a long wishlist I just made lol


Since we’ve already seen Christmas for the Holiday Hoarders, even though it’s for an adults only party in Paris, and Halloween and Easter, although only as escalations, Whittleton Creek would be the perfect place to do all three. Since important, wealthy people and serial killers seem to be the only people that live there, there would be legitimate reasons for someone to hire 47 to go back to that neighborhood over and over again. Hell, if you wanna go for broke, throw in St Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July, too. Although perhaps Berlin would be better for St Patrick’s day, because only the Germans appreciate drinking in the same way the Irish do.

Notice how Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, were each released in one game of the trilogy, in that order?

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I agree it would be awesome to have serial killers or even maybe a call back to Absolution with the eight nuns hunting you with guns and rocket launcher at Christmas Time or Halloween in Whittleton Creek at night.

Would be a perfect ending and final level if it is not updated in the coming years and also great level to tie into the Freelancer level.

considering that november is over will december roadmap hit tomorrow

The roadmaps usually drop on the first Thursday of the month, so more than likely.

ok then consider that holiday horaders and snow festvil came out what other christmas stuff is ioi plan this december

FCs, ETs, Arcade, probably a new challenge for Holiday Hoarders with some unlock (or did it get one last year and start the seasonal content getting a new challenge trend? I can’t remember). The usual cookie cutter roadmap. :frowning:

the santa suit was the last year one i don’t know what other one will be

I hope for the delayed Road to Freelancer to arrive. Actual roadmap will probably be typical easy to make content with maybe a new challenge that gives some reskin as reward.

There was technically a new challenge added for Holiday Hoarders last year, but it wasn’t anything special. In Hitman 2016 and 2 you unlocked Santa 47 for doing all of the challenges in the challenge pack. In Hitman 3 you unlock it from a new challenge for simply completing the mission, and doing all the challenges in the challenge pack just gives you XP.

The new unlock for seasonal content trend started with the Yellow Rabbit Suit on the Berlin Egg Hunt last May.

Is there a difference between the original pen and the fountain pen besides visual?

Today? Or December the eighth?