He can't keep getting away with it

Do you want to kill this man?
  • Yes, he must die
  • No, let him go

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You know who I’m talking about

I know he was “reworked”/supposed to be Jordan Cross. But I still think a photographer serial killer could be an interesting target. Instead of a hotel where he is a guest, the setting could be a resort he owns and where he has his model agency/serial killer den.

I wish sometime in the future he shows up as a elusive target or as a special target in an existing re-arranged location.

The Photographer must die!


Well with the location he’s in I do remember some people wondering if he’d be an elusive target in Haven, but obviously that never came to be

If he did become a think tho I’d want more a Special Assignment than an Elusive Target tho. That way they could give him more content and flesh him out in a much more interesting way


I truly agree. He can’t ke~… oh wait. Different guy.


I don’t need context. The scared girl in the bikini is enough justification for me.


He was an early concept of Jordan Cross, I guess?

This mf could be an enjoyable target in Bangkok, but instead continues to kill girls to this day. :upside_down_face:

Shame we never got the hamburger disguise :cry: