Help on Dartmoor


I am stuck. After killing Carlisle, and got all the numbers for the safe, the safe gave me option ‘E’ to enter the numbers. When I hit E 4 times, the numbers that came up is 1111 and not 1975.

I watched on youtube that the option ‘Y’ appears.

Why am I not getting the ‘Y’ option? Is it because I am not in PI disguise?

I am stuck. Please help.


Shahrul Nizam

“Y” is likely either Xbox or Nintendo Switch controls, you navigate the number pad by using WASD move it up, down, left, right I believe. Then press E on each of the numbers from the code.

I assume you are playing on PC.


Thank you Norseman. Yes I am on PC.

And thanks for the tips. Will try it.

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