Help/question with graphics card GTX 3060

I have a GTX 3060 and I have everything set at minimum and NVDIA DLSS turned on. Most of the game works fine, but sites with many crowd slow the game down a bit.
I have tried setting textures to medium instead of low, and the slow down is even more noticeable. Anything I try to increase makes the game run worse.

I was wondering if its like that for this graphics card, or if there is something wrong with my config in my game or NVIDIA control panel… Since most of screenshots I see from ppl have way better settings than mine…

What are the rest of your system specs? I have a 1660 and the game runs perfectly fine so I doubt it’s your card that’s the problem. How much RAM? CPU type? What sort of memory is on the graphics card? Have enough hard drive space?


Its a i5 4570 and 16 GB of RAM. But increasing just textures to medium makes it slower, I dont see how it can be the CPU.

I would suggest to fully reinstall the GPU driver, using Display Driver Uninstaller.
To do this properly, boot your PC in a Safe Mode and launch the app.
After job is done, boot PC normally and install the latest version of GPU driver normally.
Upper action might do this job, but worth checking still: after reinstalling the driver check the driver cache folder, if it has anything inside, you can just delete the folder itself with all its contents. This will force the system to rebuild all the caches and might ease the described situation. Hope it will.
The folder that needs to be deleted is this:
C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3

Hope this helps

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I have a GTX3060 and settings maxed out it runs fine. I’m rocking >200FPS.
I agree with others; you may have a bottleneck in RAM or another system component.

Also, the GPU does tend to run very hot. I think I get to >80c at full power.

I have massive amounts of cooling in my case consisting of 3x 200m, 4x 120mm and
water cooling with fans exhausting up. Even so my room gets toasty enough I need my
ceiling fan on even when it’s 35 degrees F outside.

Check your computer temperatures with a reliable program. I was turned on to a free program called OCCT by a discord computer support forum. It’s quite detailed and has a very small footprint.

If your CPU or GPU are getting really hot the slow downs could be thermal throttling.

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I think the bottleneck is the CPU, specially in fake crowds

Yep. The GPU handles graphical processing but the logic behind the game is still being done by the CPU, including the fake people, interactions, etc. That CPU is close to 10 years old at this point.

Same here
Fps 30-40 with gtx super 1660
And i5 6400 16GB SSD
PS 600watt 60c cpu / 70c gpu maximum

Many games just stuck even from 2018 in the maximum
Pretty sure fps drops from bottleneck. I ordered new cpu on the way
Wish for better. Maybe same for you
A bigger bottleneck

(In windows performabce gpu 40%
cpu 99% work hard so the probably the problem)

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