Help with .dll files

So since IO seems to be ignoring everyone about bugs I was wondering if its possible to fix this issue with my game. So it says I was missing .dll files so I spent an hour tracking them all down and once I finally got them it gave me another error, I run depends and it turns out im missing many many more. Hitman 2 works fine on steam so I was wondering what was happening and ive never received this issue with any other game before.

By ignoring everyone, you mean setting up a player support section on this forum with the help from the owner and Travis from IO taking notes on all the bugs so they can adresse them. Even acknowledging the problems multiple times since release. Is that what you mean by ignoring everyone? Or do you just expect that the people at IO are not affected by Covid-19, the stress of releasing a game and don’t have human needs or deserve time off on the weekend? Because of an inconvenience to you?

Instead of creating a wrongful narrative that sows distrust and spreads negative on false assumptions, I want you to use the player support section and post your problems there without the false assumptions. It’s alright to be disappointed, but it’s not okay to spread misinformation.