Help with Shogun Showdown. What approach do you think is canon?

Hey guys I am working on my Role-Play Walkthrough video for Shogun Showdown (which will be episode 10 of my series covering the game: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Role-Play Walkthrough | The Definitive Play-Through - #20 by RolePlayWalkthrough).

I need some help for Shogun Showdown. Until now, the most canonical approach that has always been pretty obvious and straightforward, and I’ve been able to show the whole map and all the POIs and unique situations and events while incorporating those approaches. For Shogun Showdown, here are some factors I am considering

-Mei Ling

-The bomb

-The helicopter

-The windows and walkways on the roof

-The red panic button

These are all big things in this mission, but I’m not sure the best way to incorporate them all together into the definitive play-through of the mission. What do you think the most canon approach is?

Some issues are that as soon as you get the bomb, and the uniform, you go outside right next to the helicopter, which has a special prompt to attach it, and pressing the panic button and then blowing up the helicopter really feels like it makes the most sense, and it gives a unique cutscene.

However, blowing up the helicopter means you can’t save Mei Ling I’m pretty sure, and using the roof walkway to escape would be so perfect for it, but then also I don’t think Mei Ling follows you out there. So what do you guys think? What approach could I take that would showcase every unique aspect of the mission in a cinematic way, with the most likely canonical approach to the assassination? This is a big mission, one of the main set pieces, so I want to make sure I get it right!

I think this is one of those cases where the target’s death itself is the only important factor and how doesn’t need to be canonized, because there are so many things that should happen in that mission that can’t at the same time.

Mei Ling being saved I think is a given, they went to the trouble of bringing back a character from the first game and putting her in there for 47 to run into, so I think canonically he saves her. As far as execution methods, the stealthy tactic of shooting Hayamoto from the windows is more 47’s style, as is stealing his helicopter to escape. At the same time, luring the target to the basement and right to the spot where you dropped a bomb waiting for him is delicious. And then, we know 47 has blown up a few vehicles with his targets inside, and doing so to a helicopter as the target thinks he’s escaping is a pretty awesome outcome.

So basically, I think canonically Mei Ling is saved either way, even if gameplay limits what you can do if you save her, then pretty much decide which kill method you like best. I’m really torn between escaping in the helicopter and blowing it up with the target, still not sure.


Yeah I am thinking the same as you. After messing around a bit, I’ve come down to two possibilities. Both of these allow me to explore the entire map and make use of everything special:

bomb the museum & escape with Mei Ling in the helicopter

  • pros: the “objectives” photo in the briefing shows the helicopter as officially corresponding with objective 3 - escape; “special” escape with unique cutscene
  • cons: bomb seems especially intended for helicopter, with unique “plant bomb” action. Museum feels more like it’s for fiber wire, and requires looking at the map to time it, and you can’t watch the explosion. The whole red button thing feels intrinsically linked to the helicopter.

bomb the helicopter and escape with Mei Ling through the secret entrance

  • pros: feels more like the intended use of the bomb, with the unique action to plant; lets us watch the whole thing from the roof, where 47 can verify the kill and then go right to exit; gives more of a good reason to make use of the special card and roof walkways, since 47 is going out to watch for when the helicopter takes off, then he can easily drop down to Mei Ling, and she follows you through to the secret tunnel where we escape.
  • cons: don’t get to escape in helicopter basically the pros of the first one

Either way, both of them will start with talking to Mei Ling, going one floor down to press the panic button, going up to the top floor using the special key card, going out the window and along the walkway, detonating the bomb when Hayamoto is in position, dropping down to Mei Ling and escaping by walking down the rest of the way and leaving the same way I came in.

Right now I think I am leaning towards bombing the helicopter. I would just want to find a way to imply to the viewer during the briefing as well as at the start of the mission that I am planning on escaping in the helicopter, and then having 47 change his mind at some point and conveying it through some movements and what not. So that way at least it’s like the expectation is subverted and that way we have a path that makes use of and shows off everything, and I can also get all zeros with this method which is nice.

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I like your justification toward the end, and accept it.

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Look how epic of a scene it makes too, using the roof walkway with the helicopter bomb. It’s like they made the music timing perfectly to create this awesome conclusion to the whole ordeal from tracking Hayamoto through hidden valley and at the gates all leading to this moment. Just ignore the audio issue it’s because of the file type