"Her Final Resting Place" Question. (Spoiler!)

My questions are: is it possible to snipe those bloody crow nests from the rooftop with the shortcut?

And where exactly are they? I’ve located two of them. The last one eludes me.

Answer: No, and in a tree inside the graveyard, the first two is scopeable, however the last one you have to shoot inside the graveyard.

If you look carefully you can shoot all 3 from the roof


Seriously? Wow, okay - I need to get my eyes checked! Cause I could NOT find it in a scope.

It’s behind a tree so you have to look through the leaves, it is hard to spot though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There’s two trees, it’s on the left one and centered right at the middle of the trunk, with the branches spreading out around it. Even if you don’t manage to find the exact opening in the leaves to see it, you can deduct the location from the branches around it. (or bring a druzhina arctic and use the explosion shot xD)

You can shoot them from the rooftop.