Hidden "opportunities" in HITMAN 3

During my first playthrough of hitman 3, I looked into the mission story tab and was beginning to worry when Dubai only had 3 mission stories, along with the other maps (excluding Berlin, Carpathian mountains and Mendoza, as it has 4 instead of 3 but still a low amount).

After replaying the missions multiple times after I finished the story I stumble upon some scripted events that could be called “opportunities/mission stories” but are not labelled as such in the game. (Example: Disturbing Carl while he is working will get him to play golf, which could be used to kill him through the exploding golf ball.)

I know that there are probably more of these events throughout HITMAN 3(III), so I wanted to create this thread to have a list of these events and such. (I don’t think a topic like this has been created before, so I wanted to start it.) Even the ones that seems easy to find and trigger, as not everyone might have already known about it. (Also, after finishing the tour as Corvo Black, it seems like I could do it again as Gabriel Vargas, the chief winemaker, so there might be more than one way of doing certain mission stories, similar to the Kashmirian one from Mumbai, If there are more of these then sharing them would be appreciated.)

Some information that would be nice to include would be:
  • Information/intel that hints at the event. (intel items, NPC conversations or triggers that cannot be done at first (Example: The golf set that allows us to put in an exploding golf ball for a kill opportunity, nudging us to find it)

  • Locations of any important item for the event (Example: The safe with the data leak in the villa basement in Mendoza.)

  • Triggers that activate said event (Example: In Berlin, disguising as the club owner and calling the targets for the shootout.)

  • And some other important stuff

I’m still currently discovering new things in HITMAN 3 at the moment so I won’t be able to contribute a lot. This is also my first post in HITMAN forum so I might have missed something or made a mistake typing this as I’m not very familiar with it. Thank you for reading this though, I hope this thread might be useful to whoever is currently reading!


I think the lack of Mission Stories actually contributes to the game overall. In H3, 47 is essentially on his own in a way that he wasn’t in either of the two previous games. Mission Stories always started off with Diana commenting on the dialog or info and suggesting the course of action 47 might take. In H3, once you get past Dartmoor, Diana is basically not acting as 47’s handler (in the later maps it outright says “no handler” in the missions stores tab). There have always been other opportunities in the game that weren’t full-on mission stories but I think H3 really does that in the right way.

It lets 47 figure out the best way without offering up a bunch of markers and signposts (which I’ve seen people complain about anyway). I think that all of the H3 maps (with the possible exception of the last map, which isn’t meant to be a sandbox anyway), offer a host of potential opportunistic methods of taking out the targets even without the mission stories holding your hand every step of the way.


Whilst I do agree with you about discovering opportunities yourself, I wanted to have a place where I and others could have a place to find these opportunities as I think there is still a portion of people who play hitman games (especially the newer players) that still needs some guidance on some parts.

I have also seen some people who were dissapointed in the lack of opportunities in the game, thinking that with less opportunities than the previous games that this one is a simple cashgrab (and stop playing as a result, never having the chance to discover these opportunities)

I did discover the exploding golf ball kill in Dubai while I was doing the meeting kill (In the maintenance corridor there was a woman talking on the phone mentioning this) but I’m not sure if other players will even bother listening to it. Especially newer players who play hitman in a very messy way. (They spot someone standing near a balcony and pushes them over).

Of course not everyone is like this, but I ocassionally sees someone like this and I’m not really sure what to do. So if there were a list of opportunities for said players, with guidance similar to the others, then they could also discover these opportunities or a information that eventually leads to them discovering it on their own.

That seems to be what a site like IGN or GameRant is for. Throw a few mission stories in the game to get players that need/want/like the assistance into the levels and then let people figure out new ways to do things from there. If they can’t figure it out, and are invested, they can look it up.

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It has been some time now but I haven’t actually written an example opportunity for this thread, so I thought I should wrote one.

Angry birdy: Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him atrike an exploding golf ball.

Steps :
  1. Maintenance corridor, maintenance staff calls phone, mentions exploding golf ball locked in maintenance room, mentions few has key to get there.

  2. Knock maintenance worker, pick up the janitorial key, unlock door at the edge of the hallway.

  3. Pick up explodind golf ball hidden behind ree tool box.

  4. Close to the penthouse, there will be a balcony with a golf set, put exploding golf ball once a prompt appears on the bucket to put exploding golf ball.

  5. To be filled. (Intel stating that plays golf to cool off)

  6. On penthouse, a guard was speaking with a woman not to turn on the radio, as Carl didn’t like distractions while working.

  7. Turn on radio while he is working. He will get mad and go to his private room. Turn on vacuum close to the entrance of his suite. (Can be in reverse order).

  8. Carl will go to play golf, once there, if the exploding golf ball is put there he will die once he strikes the golf ball.

That is only one out of many hidden “opportunities” in HITMAN 3. There are more of them in each location. Hopefully this might be useful to many who read this and might encourage others to find and share more hidden opportunities.

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