Himmapan Hotel recreated in Far Cry 5

HITMAN Bangkok is an almost 1:1 recreation of Hitman 2016’s Himmapan Hotel level in the Far Cry 5 map editor. Given the limitations of the editor assets, I tried to get as close to the original map as possible. In order to maintain a realistic scope for the project, I decided to only recreate the exterior areas as well as the greenhouse/lobby area.

The main map is about 95% done. A multiplayer version is planned to release first, a proper singleplayer one will follow at a later date.


that is super impressive!


Amazing creation :heart_eyes:
How long did you work on this?


I have no idea how this game works but it’s must have taken millions of minutes to do wow. Now do other locations :grin:


That’s wonderful! Can you do the opposite? Launch 47 into the world of Far Cry5?

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The question is: Is it on Xbox? If so amazing :smile:

wow, splendid work!


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Wow!! It is uncanny how similar you got it to look, both design wise and proportionally! You even got the background props which is impressive

From what I know of Player-Made Map content from various games, there’s usually a data cap of how detailed your level can be.
Is Far Cry 5’s pretty big? Seems like a lot that you managed to get the massive building, horizon elements, and surrounding beaches


In Far Cry 5’s map editor it depends on how many of a certain item you place eg 100 wooden fences would take quite a lot of % up, the bigger the item is also depends on how my % is used eg a chicken (:smile:) wouldn’t take much up, but a npc will (i think its capped at like 20-30 might be wrong)

But all in all unless your placing like mad you will probably remain under 90%

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Far Cry Arcade proving it has a great community! Awesome work.

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

On and off for a year, but hard to say really! A lot of time was spent taking screenshots of Bangkok though.

Thanks! The editor is quite easy to use but limited in assets, so a lot of work goes into trying to come up with ways to recreate stuff properly - Bangkok was definitely an easier choice for that than most other Hitman levels due to being quite compact. Someone else did Hawke’s Bay though, should be on Youtube I think :slight_smile:

PC unfortunately!

Thanks a lot! The background was one of the more fun parts for sure.
Yes , there is indeed an asset cap, but it works quite different in Far Cry. For example: Landscape, textures and trees don’t take up much space. All the background does not heavily impact the object count. The hotel building itself however does and I’ve actually used way more objects than allowed through the use of a PC mod that allows you to circumvent the limit.


Dang! I was really hoping to explore this masterpiece.

yeah, i was going to say there are quads surrounding areas to place objects, and i couldn’t figure out how you’d manage the Himmapan with the limits.

You should have a try at Blender and Unity or Unreal Engine, and try getting Custom Work done, can even do some re-creations of places you like (real places or maps from games) into an engine and there are several games on Unity and Unreal that would be fairly simple to implement into.

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